October 27th, 2004

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hi everyone

I'm 20, student from Russia. Fan of Mr York since 11

Yesterday I watched a video of their concert in Germany during the Rock Am Ring festival (the latest one). Here's a few things I understood:

1) The Germans don't deserve such a present
2) The Germans have no sense of humour at all!!! (Tom told a joke and, having received no feedback, he promised not to joke at all)
3) Mr York could have been a great samba dancer (the way he moves)
4) The blond guy who is trying to do the back vocals cannot sing at all!
5) Seeing the way they performed some of the tracks from KID A without computer was fascinating
6) Had Tom not been such a talented musician, I would've thought he is on some serious drugs..

Happy to find this community
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they'll say, come down now

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being bored, and using the internet to sure that brings you to find interesting things.
i was on that retarded urban dictionary thing. and i looked up radiohead, and it said they wrote a song about 1984, and i just thought it was a coincidence that i just bought that book today.
thought i'd share
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