August 25th, 2004

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My name is mitch, im 14, and i live in Chicago. My favorite radiohead songs have to be...idiotique, creep, optamistic, planet telex, the national anthem, airbag, and just. My favorite radiohead cd has to be the bends, but OK computer is a close second. Radiohead is my favorite band because they are so creative and unique and put out brilliant music to the public. I have not seen them live :( , but i will....i have a huge framed OK computer poster im my room and it alwys reminds me that radiohead is the best band in the world.
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    the bends- by you know who

randomness and marmajukes toast.

can i ask you something? in the song lucky ... is sarah a real person?

and ... who directed the 'just' vidio?

and ... im sure i could find all this out on the internet but i like comments.

and ... if you want to now, in media this year im making a music vidio for a radiohead song and i don't now which one to do it for ... suggestions?
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    the national anthem