April 29th, 2004

oh hai

Yeah. new. Derp

Found this late at night. Am in a very odd mood. Will type as such.

C'mon over and say hello and have a read about me. I'll field any quesitons...and I do mean any.

On-topic stuff:
-- Have seen Thom and the gang two times, both in Cleveland. First was 2002 supporting Amnesiac and again this past summer supporting Hail.

-- Favorite album: Toss up between OK and Kid A. Kid A took me a bit to get into, but still my favorite to listen to if I've, ahem, partied that evening.
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fellow insane critics

well, hello again... im not here to give you an assignment but i am here to talk...

i've been listening to OK Computer and Kid A alot in the past week or so... and i can't get over the rawness of Thom's voice... it's so perfectly original and so full of REAL feeling... that's what i love.. it's so real... im in love with Climbing up the Walls... i want to make love to that song for the rest of my life... just thought i'd share that one...

oh hai

New in a different way

Curious to get others' opinions on this:

Would you rather have had Hail to the Thief be more like Kid A or more like Amnesiac?

I was happy to hear that it went more traditional, though I was intrigued enough with Kid to look to some of the more "post-rock" kinds of bands. I really dig Mogwai and am starting to listen to Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

What I do like the best about Hail is that it made me appreciate Amnesiac way more. Like now that HTTT is out, I can see what groundwork was being laid on Amnesiac where I couldn't at the time. When Am. first came out, I thought it was like Kid's bastard stupid adopted brother and couldn't listen to most of it. Not so much any more.

That said, where would you like to see the band go next?
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