Let's hug

Name: Susannah Irene
Location: Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Interests: Dancing, my Irish heritage :), books, piercings, tattoos, you know, rad stuff.
Why you think you're rad: Well, there's the whole thing about me being voted MOST RAD last year in school. Plus, I can wiggle each of my toes individually. Spiffy, eh?
and a recent-ish picture of yourself that shows your radness!

well, I don't know how rad this makes me look...but anyway, here goes:

<3 Susannah
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Name: Ali
Location: Michigan
Interests: My Chemical Romance, Brand New, The Used, old movies, watching the rain, playing the guitar, playing the drums, listening to music, writing, my boyfriend x3, hanging out with my friends, chatting online, and taking pictures
Why I'm Rad: Because I'm..uh..strange? Unique? Different?  I don't know, pick one.  I'm opinionated.  And I'm weird.  I've got a wacky sense of humor, and I love talking to other people with rad, wacky sense of humors.
Pic:  That's muah :)


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Name: Darryn
Location: Edinburgh
Interests: being with friends, internet, gigs, emo/screamo/hXc music...
Why you think you're rad: because that is the first three letters of my name backwards. and i'm friends with the rad people that made this community. :p
and a recent-ish picture of yourself that shows your radness!

sprawled across the bed

Name: roxy
Location: college station, texas -- the butthole of the U.S.
Interests: photography, my AP design class, my boyfriend [rawr], music, shopping/fashion, parties, and other shit...
Why you think you're rad: because my name starts with r and so does rad :D
for pictures go here: -- myspace, does a body good :) just click view more pics and theres a couple on there.
anything else neat: I graduate this year [excitement!]
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Name: Kelsey... but i go by klink... or you can call me captolia
Location: p*field NH
Interests: Music, boys, i want to learn guitar, emo, punk, hardXcore, writing, photography. check out my userinfo to see more.
Why you think you're rad: Because im just a rad person in general.. i live to make people happy.... and yeah. ^_^
and a recent-ish picture of yourself that shows your radness!

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