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I found this website today for my sister -- long story -- she kind of pulled my hair out even though i searched all over the internet for her to find a site like this...i hate her...for the next hour...anyways! haha i found this website for her and now I lOVE IT! and i figured you guys might, too -- it's like new aged Mickey Mouse Club LOL and some of the boys r SOO cute hehehehe


And this is my first day on LJ!! be my friend =)

Sorry For The Updates

sorry that i haven't updated here for a longtime. i've been a pretty busy bee, but here are some Rachel Stevens performances that i found. so why don't you guys enjoy

So Good
More More More
Some Girls
I Said Never Again, But Here We Are
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Rachel Stevens Is A Hero

In an article published by The Sun, John Duncan revealed that Rachel Stevens' contribution to the Everyman campaign, which supports personal checking for testicular cancer, paid off!

The article reads as follows:

Pop babe Rachel Stevens saved John Duncan's life - by telling him to put his hand down his trousers.

Pals sent John an e-mail featuring the former S Club star warning lads to check their tackle for cancer.

That night John, 28, and English teacher from Aberdeen, found a lump on his left side.

Rachel has made the e-mail advert for the Everyman male cancer awareness month alongside Robbie Williams.

Previously, Robbie Williams was the male celebrity to take the forefront in encouraging men to check themselves for testicular cancer.

The latest advertisement, as you may remember, featured our Rachel Stevens cattily playing with a piece of fruit (a plum) as if it was... well, you know.


Should Someone Stop Slatter?

According to The Mirror, one of the UK's popular newspapers reported that Rachel Stevens has become smitten for actor Christian Slater, or possibly the other way around – it’s not so clear. Apparently the two first met in L.A. a couple years ago - most likely while Rachel was in S Club. The article reports:

Is there no stopping Christian Slater? It's another night, and another date as the Hollywood bedhopper swoops in for our sweet little Rachel Stevens.

Christian Slater (pictured right), 36, and Rachel Stevens, 28, were snapped leaving London's plush St Martins Lane hotel in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Since he separated from his wife Ryan earlier this year, after five years of marriage, Christian has earned quite a reputation for trawling the capital's best parties for our hottest girls. They include Girls Aloud babe Sarah Harding and model Jasmine Lennard.

Yesterday, though, Chris and Rach were insisting they are "just best friends" etc.

Exactly the same excuse claimed by soul stars Joss Stone and Lemar... who were spotted sunning themselves on a luxury yacht in Barbados the other day.


Spring and Summer Shows

Rachel's having a fantastic time on her spring/summer university tour. After a brilliant start in Hull on 13th May, she's got another ten shows to go: 

27th May: De Montfort, Leicestershire

2nd June: Leeds University

10th June: Birmingham University

16th June: Cardiff University and Swansea University

21st June: Uni. Of West England
*Open to non-students also

26th June: Lancashire University

28th June: Nottingham Trent University

14th July: Loughborough University and Leicester University

Rachel Top Of The Poll

The UK's first survey of Jewish men and women and their views on which celebrity Jews they would like to date has been published.

British pop star Rachel Stevens and American actor David Schwimmer top a list of Jews who other Jewish men and women most fancy going out on a date with. Rachel Stevens beat off a host of other Jewish females including Caprice, Rachel Weisz and even The Apprentice's Alexa Tilley to be at the top of most Jewish men's lists.

1. Rachel Stevens (music)
2. Caprice Bourret (model/movie actress)
3. Rachel Weisz (movie actress)
4. Maureen Lipman (movie actress)
5. Dani Behr (TV actress)
6. Alexa Tilley (TV actress)
7. Sophie Solomon (music)
8. Gwyneth Paltrow (movie actress)
9. Amy Winehouse (music)
10. Lisa Loeb (music)
"For years, Rachel Stevens has been at the top of many most eligible lists, so we can confirm that she is still there with members of her own community, while those re-runs of Friends starring David Schwimmer keep him in the public eye with female fans," said Eamonn Ozerovitch, co-founder of SomeoneJewish.com.

A Gig Review

A student who attended the Hull University’s tour date reported that Rachel did indeed perform, and is trying to make a comeback with her music career.

Her set was approximately 45 minutes in length and included the popular tracks: Negotiate With Love, So Good, Some Girls, and Sweet Dreams My LA Ex. According to the student's review, Rachel also performed a couple songs that he had "never heard before." This could mean one of two things:

(1) Rachel has recorded new material and is previewing it at her University Tour gigs. Thus, she might be preparing for a third album release, in which case these songs he "never heard before" could all be brand new tracks, and one of them the brand new single. Either that or...

(2) She is simply performing album tracks from her second studio album, 'Come And Get It,' and he, having not heard the latest album, is not aware of their release and, therefore, is unfamiliar with her the material.
In conclusion, we really do not know if Rachel is performing new material or if it is just album tracks from her second studio recording 'Come And Get It.' So in reality, we have learned nothing, gained no real knowledge other than she might have performed new material, and that the lack of information received means it must have been a small gig.

However, we do have some additional information about the performances, crowd reaction, and her backup dancers:

According to Danny: "Her perfomance were ace. Some idiot in the crowd threw a glow stick at her, but she carried on regardless just like a true professional would. She made my night!"

She had four male backup dancers, and they did the ribbon dance that was first seen in the "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex" music video.

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Young people across the country have voted Eurovision Song Contest finalist Daz Sampson and Prime Minister Tony Blair the people they would least like to see in 3D ahead of a major charity concert in London.

The second most unpopular choice was the country's leader, Tony Blair, while TV presenters Ant and Dec proved the most popular choice, followed by pop star Rachel Stevens (No.2) and Arsenal striker Thierry Henry (No.3).

3D's Top 3 Ranked:
1. Ant and Dec
2. Rachel Stevens
3. Thierry Henry

Rachel Has A Boyfriend!

Barbados, Caribbean: British singer Rachel Stevens, who turned 28 earlier this month, has been on holiday in Barbados the last few days, spending time with her brand new boyfriend (unidentified as yet).

"They seemed rather intimate," said one onlooker.

The pop singer, Rachel, met him while looking for acting work in Los Angeles. There's no doubt she's smitten as she gets ready to plant a smacker on her new fella and snuggles up. A source close to the pair said:

"It's early days for them just yet... she met him while she was working in America [Los Angeles]."