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We Rabu Rating!

Meat Dish and Hot Stuff

Are you unique enough?
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
_rabu_rating is a rating community designed for the unique and different.


-Using chat speak is an automatic no.
-We, the mods, will read through your journal and/or userinfo after you post your application. If we find that you have lied, stolen, or done anything you shouldn't have done, you're getting an automatic no.
-Remember, the mods have the final say in everything.
-The subject MUST say, "Mi Rabu?", so we know you've read the rules.
-Applicants, remember, not everyone's going to like you. It's a rating community and there's a chance you're going to be rejected. Deal with it.
-Members, play nice. Even if you vote no, be somewhat courteous in your response.
-Members, when casting your vote you must give reasons behind your vote. ELABORATE.
-We do ask for pictures, but we don't want glamour shots. If you have glasses, wear them. If you have a gut, don't suck it in. We want to see the body you were bornwith. THIS INCLUDES PHOTOSHOPPING.
-Somewhere in your application, anywhere you want, you must add in the phrase: "So I says to the doctor I says I don't remember now".
-When we ask you to advertise, we actually check this stuff. Do it in a public entry in a promotion community on livejournal. There's plenty of communities for promotion out there that allow you to promote anything you want. Pick one. Don't know how to find one? click here
-When you answer the questions, ELABORATE. Don't just give a one word answer. And don't just say, "I don't know." If you're not creative enough to at least fake like you know what we're asking you, you're not unique enough for this community.
-Right below here is the application. We've bolded the questions and put it behind an lj cut for you. All you have to do is copy and paste the html to the post for this community and then fill it out. If you mess up the html, we're going to laugh at you.


Copy and Paste it, yo!







:o, abandoned pools, accents, acting, altering clothing, androids, anime, aqua, art, barbie, baroque, beads, biting, black eyeliner, black nail varnish, black+red, boa, body modification, books, boots, bracelets, braids, bread, bright eyes, bright pretty things, bubble wrap, bubbles, burlesque, butterflies, candy, club kids, collars, concerts, corsets, crackmonkeys, creating my own clothing, crowns, cube juice, cyber clothes, dance dance revolution, dancing, danny elfman, dolls, drawn on eyebrows, dreads, dysfunction, elegant gothic lolita, emily strange, evil clowns, eyeliner, fabulous makeup, false eyelashes, fantasy, fashion, fashion design, fetish, fetus, fishnets, fluffyness, freaks, frou frou, garter belts, geeks, ghouls, glam, glitter, glitter pens, glowsticks, good music, goth, gothic lolita fashion, graveyards, guys in make-up, hair dye, happiness, high heels, hot topic, human cloning, indie hair, intelligence, j-rock, japanese street fashion, kandi bracelets, kawaii egl, lace, lip gloss, lipstick, lollies, love, lyrics, make-up, mascara, mindless self indulgence, movies, muse, music, neogothic, neon, netting, nonsense, oh em gee, open minds, pale skin, parasols, pictures, piercings, pierrot, pigtails, pirates, playing dress-up, pseudocatatonic psychobabble, pvc, rabu, randomness, rasputina, rating, rating communties, ravers, reading, ribbon, rocky horror picture show, ruffles, safety pins, scaring people, screaming, shiny stuff, sparkles, stilletos, stockings, strangeness, street fashion, sugar, suicide club, sushi, t.a.t.u, tacky things, tattoos, tiaras, uniqueness, uv, vaudeville, veils, velvet, writing, x-japan, your mum, zombies