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Mi Rabu?

the normal stuff::

Name: Clementine
Nicknames: Clemmie, Clem,
Ethnicity: ½ greman ½ french


Five favorite bands/singers: The Cure, The Clash, Operation Ivy, Bad Religion, Incubus
Five favorite books: Tattoo Girl, Legacy of Luna, Midnight in the garden of good and evil, girl interupted, virgin suicides.
Five favorite movies: Eternail sunshine of the spotless mind, blow, once upon a time in mexico, pulp fiction, addams family
How do you like your eggs?: sunny side up!!!
Do you enjoy Sushi?: yes! i love it!


If Uncle Rico showed up at your door, what would you do? Give him a hug.
What are your feelings on Bear and the Big Blue House: I think its an odd concept, but if kids enjoy it, then by all means, watch it.
What's your favorite way of spending a Friday night?: With my boyfriend, and 2 best friends who are dating. just the 4 of us, usually smoking pot and drinking beer.
Boybands are..: annoying, yet amusing
At what age did you stop watching cartoons?: i still do!
When did you learn to tie your shoes?: probably when i was like 5, its actually my most clear memory from my childhood
How do you feel about the potato famine in Trilonkostan?: sucks the dont have enough potatoes, cause their really good.


Bondage: kinky
LOLZ: So I says to the doctor I says I don't remember now
BananaRama: Boom!
Glockenschpeil: sinter clause
Iceland: cold
Emo: the used
Glamour: hollywood
Sprecken: yah!
Eurovisoin: i have no clue...
HOLLAAAAA!!: at a brotha!
Gravy: thanksgiving
Elvis: wiggly hips
Rooster: cock-a-doodle-dooo
Grr: ::bite::

Your opinion of Hot Topic: meh, i get fishnets there cause its cheep, but i think its a poser store
Which iPod commercial jingle is better, U2 or Steriogram? Steriogram
If someone said to you, "I'm Craig Daaaaavid, a garage Sensaaaaaaation." What would you do?: laugh at them inside my head
Is pop music still rad?: if its old pop music....
When was the last time someone called you weird, randomly: today
Describe your social life: i go to a really small privet school, so i mostly stay within my group. im friends with a lot of different types of people tho... my boyfriend and i are hippies, persay, and i have good friends who listen to main stream rap...
What scenedo you think you fall into?: hippy...

Post THREE pictures of yourself:

Post a link to advertise our community in a public post somewhere on LJ and give us the link. im one of thoes who will promote if im accepted... sorry, but thats how i play

Do you play Neopets?: nope...

Say something COMPLETELY random: so this one day, a man, whose name was say... Zongberry, went to the pet store, and baught a purple pony... it was very nice, and well. was magical, and had wings, and could fly...
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