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Mi Rabu?

the normal stuff::

Name: Ashley
Nicknames: Ashlyn, Ash, Ashery
Age: 16
Sexuality: ""Not Sure"
Ethnicity: Mexican, Canadian French, Irish. a mut basically


Five favorite bands/singers: VAST, Ours, Muse, Craig Armstrong
Five favorite books: The Giver, P.S. I love you, Tiger Eyes, Night, Flowers for Algernon
Five favorite movies: A Clockwork Orange, Spice World, Emporers New Groove, Welcome to The Dollhouse, Go
How do you like your eggs?: Over easy and unfertalized. (sp? and Yes, that was a rip off of Anger Management.. sorry. But in all honesty, I don't like eggs)
Do you enjoy Sushi?: I haven't had plain sushi yet..


If Uncle Rico showed up at your door, what would you do? I'd hit him in the nuts incredibly hard for being so MEAN to Napoleon.
What are your feelings on Bear and the Big Blue House: I love the mouse, and the ferret/weasel things..
What's your favorite way of spending a Friday night?: Either with my boyfriend or at a friends..
Boybands are..: Not very popular anymore
At what age did you stop watching cartoons?: Hmm.. Probably at about 11 or so.
When did you learn to tie your shoes?: I think when I was 5.
How do you feel about the potato famine in Trilonkostan?: I heard about this one time I think.... Potatoes rock.. But, uhm.. I feel it.. sucks?


Bondage: Dominatrix
BananaRama: A type of dildo...
Glockenschpeil: German, for what I cannot remember for the life of me.. It's one of those things that you know and when you hear it you want to kick yourself in the ass for not knowing it off the bat.
Iceland: Very green.. wait.. or is that greenland..
Emo: Something that I believe people are picked on about wayyyy too much.
Glamour: James St. James, the leader of glamour.
Sprecken: Speak, damnit
Eurovisoin: Can I try?
Gravy: Yuck
Elvis: Subway
Rooster: Cock
Grr: ROAR!!!!!

Your opinion of Hot Topic: Exspensive, somewhat lame, a lot of idiots waltz around there though.
Which iPod commercial jingle is better, U2 or Steriogram? U2 rocks..
If someone said to you, "I'm Craig Daaaaavid, a garage Sensaaaaaaation." What would you do?: I'd be curious as to who the hell that was, and probably laugh because if someone says that, they have to be somewhat funny. Even in a stupid way...
Is pop music still rad?: The only "pop" music I like it the Spice Girls.. And M2M
When was the last time someone called you weird, randomly: My boyfriend called me it today.. bleh
Describe your social life: I have few friends, but i get along very well with everyone..
What scene do you think you fall into?:

Post THREE pictures of yourself:

Post a link to advertise our community in a public post somewhere on LJ and give us the link. valafive, I have a different account as well, that I am in the community fakecyborggods, and well, Mairin already promoted in there.. Hense why I am doing this application. If I have any other place though, and have time within this next week, I will try and promote more.

Do you play Neopets?: I used to, quite a bit for a very short time. I love neopets though, I just don't have the free time to play it.

So I says to the doctor I says I dont remember now

Say something COMPLETELY random: One, two, Freddy's coming for you....

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