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the normal stuff::

Nicknames:Mairzy.Stinky Cheese
Sexuality:bi...I guess,but not cause it's crazy stupid trendy


Five favorite bands/singers:Dir en Grey,Malice Mizer,VAST,Sopor Aeternus,Neuroticfish
Five favorite books:The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe,Disco Bloodbath,1984,Battle Royale,Paradise Kiss(mangas count right?)
Five favorite movies:All John Waters movies,Blue Velvet,Eraserhead,Vampire Journals,The Boondock Saints
How do you like your eggs?:I don't really like eggs anymore,but when I do eat them,they are scrambled and I put cheese in them and it melts to a creamy cheesiness and its so scrumptious
Do you enjoy Sushi?:I've never ate sushi


If Uncle Rico showed up at your door, what would you do?Well I'd be like UNCLE RICO,Where the crap have you been,give my my damn money,then tie him to a chair and smack him around like I was an italian mob boss.
What are your feelings on Bear and the Big Blue House:Well nothing on Disney is better than the Wiggles,but the little mouse is cute.
What's your favorite way of spending a Friday night?:partying with my closets friends.
Boybands are..:Well I like N'Sync and BSB,and yeah...sucka!
At what age did you stop watching cartoons?:I still watch them,I don't ever want to grow up.
When did you learn to tie your shoes?:I don't remember,it was too long ago.
How do you feel about the potato famine in Trilonkostan?:I like potatoes...


Bondage:lame pants
LOLZ:little kids with stupid internet lingo
BananaRama:lets sing
Iceland:Pretty country
Emo:whiney kids who are just like goths,but less black
Glamour:Ce moi!
Sprecken:die Deutch
Eurovisoin:whoever made this app cant spell,or didnt notice their mistakes
HOLLAAAAA!!:Buene Nouches(sp?)
Gravy:My friend Ernie drinks gravy.
Elvis:aint nothing but a hounddog?
Rooster:cock a doodle doo

Your opinion of Hot Topic:I don't shop there,their clothes are over priced and made like crap,and it's not unique at all because everyone shops there,but I respect the kids who do shop there because a lot of them don't know anybetter.
Which iPod commercial jingle is better, U2 or Steriogram?who knows I don't watch TV
If someone said to you, "I'm Craig Daaaaavid, a garage Sensaaaaaaation." What would you do?:I'd say "BIATCH,let's ge..."and run.
Is pop music still rad?:No,but it was when the spice girls were around
When was the last time someone called you weird, randomly:everyday
Describe your social life:I'm not in school anymore,so I only see like 3 close people regularly and then other friends every once in a while.
What scenedo you think you fall into?:I don't fall into any scene,I change my look every day.

Post THREE pictures of yourself:

Post a link to advertise our community in a public post somewhere on LJ and give us the link.

Do you play Neopets?:
not anymore,I used to.
Say something COMPLETELY random:
You can't play god fluffy!

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