Rachel (itllbetoolate) wrote in _rabu_rating,

Mi Rabu?

the normal stuff::

Name: Rachel
Nicknames: Amanda.. I'd explain it, but it honestly has no meaning whatsoever.
Age: 14
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: White.. Italian.


Five favorite bands/singers: Frou Frou, Elliott Smith, Evanescence
Five favorite books: The Power of One
Five favorite movies: Grease, Finding Nemo (I'm sappy :]), The Rocky Horro Picture Show, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and of course, So I Says To The Doctor I Says I Don't Remember Now
How do you like your eggs?: Fried
Do you enjoy Sushi?: Yes, I do.


If Uncle Rico showed up at your door, what would you do?: Lock him in the closet.
What are your feelings on Bear and the Big Blue House: I find it extremely dull and mind-numbing, but if it gives little kids entertainment, hey..
What's your favorite way of spending a Friday night?: Going to the movies or a dance
Boybands are..: Unoriginal.. I'm so glad they're dying out.
At what age did you stop watching cartoons?: I still do.. I love Spongebob and the Simpsons.
When did you learn to tie your shoes?: When I was about 4 or 5, I suppose.
How do you feel about the potato famine in Trilonkostan?: I didn't know about it, but it's horrible. Potatos are so awesome.


Bondage: handcuffs
LOLZ: Prep.
BananaRama: BananaPHONE.
Glockenschpeil: I can't answer that one..
Iceland: Uh, Greenland.
Emo: Eyeliner.
Glamour: Fame
Sprecken: Sorry, can't answer that one, either.
Eurovisoin: Great show.
HOLLAAAAA!!: Ugh, gangster.
Gravy: ... Turkey?
Elvis: Blue Suede Shoes.
Rooster: Hens, chickens.
Grr: Rowr.

Your opinion of Hot Topic: I love it. I basically spend all of my money there and at music stores.
Which iPod commercial jingle is better, U2 or Steriogram? U2. I'm so amused by the "uno, dos, tres, catorce".
If someone said to you, "I'm Craig Daaaaavid, a garage Sensaaaaaaation." What would you do?: Slowly edge away.
Is pop music still rad?: Hell no.
When was the last time someone called you weird, randomly: I get called that so much I couldn't even tell you.
Describe your social life: I pretty much don't have one.
What scenedo you think you fall into?: Lots of people call me a goth, but I don't like labeling myself.

Post THREE pictures of yourself:

 That's def. the worst picture of me. I took it the day I got my nose pierced (which was.. 6 days ago) to show my friends.

Post a link to advertise our community in a public post somewhere on LJ and give us the link.
Do you play Neopets?: I used to. I have an account with about 1.5mil on it, so maybe I should go do something with it..

Say something COMPLETELY random: You know how with street lights green means go and yellow means yield? Well, with bananas it's the exact opposite. Green means yield, yellow means go ahead, and red means WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GET THAT BANANA?
I have to confess, I didn't make that up. It's from one of my favorite comedians, Mitch.


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