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Mi Rabu?

The normal stuff::

Name:: Sarah
Nicknames:: Hmm Well other than the usual babe, hun, sweetheart from husband I really don’t have any
Age:: 23
Sexuality: I am straight.
Ethnicity:: I am a mixture of English, German, Italian and Polish


Five favorite bands/singers:: I love Marilyn Manson. I know some people don’t like him very much but I do so tough shit. LoL Other than that I like System of a Down, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin and Jack of Jill
Five favorite books:: Catcher in the Rye, Something Wicked this way comes, All of Ann Rice. Where the Red Fern Grows, The Hobbit. I don’t get to read much anymore since Highschool with working all the time and all.
Five favorite movies:: Pretty much I love anything scary. The Ring, Resident Evil, Resident Evil Apocalypse, Girl Interrupted, and Gangs of NewYork
How do you like your eggs?:: over easy
Do you enjoy Sushi?:: Sushi is my world I can eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner


If Uncle Rico showed up at your door, what would you do? Invite him in for a drink or two
What are your feelings on Bear and the Big Blue House: I have never really watched it but hey it the kids like it then it’s great. I love little kid show though. I was so depressed when they took Lambchop off the air.
What's your favorite way of spending a Friday night?: As long as I am with my husband I don’t care what we do. It usually involves going to bars though or movies. I love the movies.
Boybands are..: a waste of time. They are not even a real band they don’t write their own music or lyrics
At what age did you stop watching cartoons?: I still watch cartoons. I love the PowerPuff Girls
When did you learn to tie your shoes?: Ohh god kindergarten maybe can’t remember that far back.
How do you feel about the potato famine in Trilonkostan?: Honestly I didn’t even know there was a potato famine


LOLZ: cherry
BananaRama: yellow
Glockenschpeil: watch
Iceland: cold
Emo: punk
Glamour: Paris Hilton
Sprecken: se deutsch (sp?)
Eurovisoin: TV
Gravy: chicken
Elvis: Presley
Rooster: hen
Grr: boy

Your opinion of Hot Topic:: Personally I love HotTopic, well most of the clothes though.
Which iPod commercial jingle is better, U2 or Steriogram? U2 definitely
If someone said to you, "I'm Craig Daaaaavid, a garage Sensaaaaaaation." What would you do?: Niiiiiiiiice to meeeeet yooooooooooou my naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame is saaaaaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Is pop music still rad? </ b> depends on who it is. Brittany uh huh no way!!
When was the last time someone called you weird, randomly: Just yesterday when I showed my mother in law my new piercing.
Describe your social life:: I really don’t have a social life, my world revolves around work. This weekend though I am going to a party at a friend’s house so you could say that it’s very sparatic.
What scene do you think you fall into?:: I don’t have a scene. I dress gothic one day punk the next.

Post THREE pictures of yourself::

Post a link to advertise our community in a public post somewhere on LJ and give us the link. ________promote

Do you play Neopets?::no that is sooooo 12 yrs old my little sister plays it.

Say something COMPLETELY random:: Get crazy with the cheezwhiz

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