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thought I would start of with a little guessing game. which movies are all this quotes from. anyone know?

1.To the right, we have the Coffee Kids.Very edgy. Don't make any sudden movements around them.[ 10 things i hate about you]

2.Well, you want to know how things went at my job today? They've hired this efficiency expert, this really friendly guy named Brad, how perfect is that? And he's basically there to make it seem like they're justified in firing somebody, because they couldn't just come right out and say that, could they? No, no, that would be too... honest. And so they've asked us-- you couldn't possibly care less[American Beauty]

3.listen to me... these tickets... they're not mine... I mean they are, but not for vacation like everyone thinks... I'm on an operation... and if I didn't come get you, you'd be in a shitload of trouble... I'd love to be on vacation with you... but now.... now I've got to work... and.. I would love to work in peace.

4, Stay calm, identify the problem.Problem, rope fraying. Solution, fix rope.

5.My brother and I wanna start our own sunblock company. But the twist is, it's only for skiing. SkiBlock. Or SunSki. We haven't decided yet. Maybe BlockSki.Do you think that sounds good?

6.All I'm saying is if you're going to be insubordinate, you should go the full nine and not pussy out when it comes to free refreshments.[clerks]

7. We are little more than a sum of memories. From them we reference who we are, where we're going. Without a past we are nothing.

8.Just when you think you know something, you have to look at it in another way. Even though it may seem silly or wrong, you must try! Now, when you read, don't just consider what the author thinks.Consider what you think. [ Dead Poets society]

9. You're a tourist. I saw you at melanoma, tuberculosis and testicular cancer.[fight club]
(note:if you're on my friends list, you would of seen these before,so no, you arent dejavu-ing)

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