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actor quotes

here are some quotes from a few famous actors.

LEELEE SOBIESKI(Joy Ride, The Glass House, etc)
"I'm getting ready for everybody to hate me now. Everyone's been so nice, and so I'm ready for a big bashing. It's will happen sometime soon."

IAN MCKELLEN (The Lord of the Rings, etc)
"When [Fellowship of the Ring] opened, I got an email from my good friend [author] Armistead Maupin, and he wrote, 'Can you believe an openly gay man is on a mug that Burger King is giving out? We've come a long way, baby." So, if Burger King is okay with an openly gay man helping to sell their fries and shakes, is there anything left to be worried about? If millions of Lord of the Rings fans don't mind, I think things can only get better."

UMA THURMAN (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, etc)
(On Sword training) "I think it definitely increased my hand/eye coordination. So, if I couldn't kill you in a sword fight, I could definitely beat you playing one of those really tough videogames."

MICHEAL CAINE (The Statement, Miss Congeniality, etc)
"All movie people are the same. The French are the same, the Italians, the Germans, Vietnamese, they're all the same. Australian. Everyone's the same. They all think the same, they're all put there for the same reason and they all behave the same -- except that in America you don't get a bottle of wime with lunch."

RICHARD HARRIS (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, etc)
"You know how it'll end up, don't you? After a long career, and a couple of Academy Award nominations, and a couple of Golden Globes, and all the things I've done, I'll just end up being remembered as Dumbledore."
(Check out how true this is. Think of any other movies of his that you know. Sad, isn't it.)

WILL FERRELL (Elf, Old School, etc)
"I think I knew I had what it took to be successful in comedy. You just kind of feel it. I either felt it or I had stomack problems I didn't know about."

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