Stars Hallelujah (djl4c) wrote in _quizacholics_,
Stars Hallelujah

here are my two quizzes: one's been around for a while, one's fairly new, but both are made by me.

What is your life rated on the MPAA rating scale?
What rating would critics give your life?

My life is rated PG.
What is your life rated?

Critics would give my life a B-.

Wow, you're a busy bee, aren't you? You've had your share of excitement in life, what with the occasional car chase and maybe a time bomb or two. Or maybe you're the cornerstone of a dozen love triangles, you dog you. And one things for sure, you've avoided sports-playing animals like the plague, and for that I must commend you. As always, there's room for even more excitement in your life. Try adding a few more movie clichés to your daily routine. Introduce yourself with your last name first. Think deeply while riding on the subway, just in time for a wise old woman to tell you the exact thing you need to hear at the exact moment. And don't forget to break out into song at the slightest provocation; that'll impress the critics greatly.

What rating would critics give your life?

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