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What would happen if I flew all my lj friends in and let them stay at my house......

What would happen if you flew in all of your LiveJournal friends and let them stay in your house/apartment? by reverse_will
Doesn't show up:graphiclala
Sneaks off with your car and totals it:zoe2083
Drinks directly from your milk carton:kmelion
Takes a dump in your bathtub:bonjovigrrrl
Cuts out the crotches in your porn:mommy_in_march
Accidentally starts a fire:superly_quiz
Promptly gets arrested and asks you to pay bail:marciafelicity
Gets on your PC to use LJ and won't let you on:how_things_are
Whines about how there's nothing to do:lessthanliza
Ends up being a super-psycho axe murderer:morgan16
Total amount of damages from your LJ buddies:$799,942
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