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I'm selling a Husqvarna Viking sewing / embroidery / quilting machine. This is a high end sewing machine with more computerized functions than you can shake a stick at. If you're ready to move up to a more powerful sewing machine, please take a moment and look at it. It's in excellent condition, and I'm asking about half what they go for, new.

Thank you for your time.

can you roll wit me? all over me? can you take control of me..

hey! my name is Jessica and the co-owner of this community is Tiffany (cantfckwitme). we have been friends for about 7 years, we live in Memphis, TN and are celebrity whores! lol not really but we LOVE meeting celebrities and for the most part, any concert we go to.. we end up doing that. In the past 2 years, we came up with this GREAT idea for something to do to give back to the celebrities we meet. For the April 2002 Linkin Park show, we made the guys a quilt with messages from their fans all over one side of it (it turned out to be about 50) and then a patterned fabric on the other side. It was beautiful and the reaction from Linkin Park was AMAZING (which we will write about later). A few months went by and Nelly Furtado was coming to Memphis so we found ourself AGAIN doing the quilt. We got about 50 messages and did the same thing. We ended up meeting Nelly before the show and she was amazed at the quilt, needless to say.. her reaction was priceless. That summer, Tiff and I went to Florida to go to NSYNC's challenge for the children. We worked on a quilt the whole way down there and ended up giving it to Chris's sister so they more than likely got it. Earlier this year, Linkin Park was coming back around and we decided to make them ANOTHER quilt. Chester was enthralled with the second one. Our most recent project, was just last week when we made Justin Timberlake one and got it to him. We will write about these experiences and tell yall more about what happened when we met them but for now I just wanted to tell you guys that this community is going to be an exclusive community for our quilts. When we decide to make a quilt for a celebrity, we will post who here and all of you have the chance to have your own square on the quilt saying anything youd like to them! We can GUARUNTEE that this gets to the celebrity or else we wouldnt be spending time making it. Anyways, hopefully this gives you an idea of what we are all about, post any questions or even stories of you meeting celebrities!
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