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 No one's posted once thing since I have? Inconcievable! Honestly, it is. I can hardly concieve it.

I'll just wander away now, as I truly have nothing to say. :/

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Sleep...a question, indeed.

Isn't it though?! Well, let's see, here. I go by many different names but the one people use to refer to me the most is Midori. >_> I've been living for fifteen years, but I haven't had my fifteenth birthday yet, isn't that awesome?! Yes! I just puzzled that out last night! Now I don't know if I should say I'm fifteen or fourteen, because technically I'm fifteen years old. But I haven't had my fifteenth birthday. Bah, humbug, I'll just wait then, my birthday is in just about four months, after all. 

I feel free to rant! Your guys' user information told me it's okay to go off on sleep-deprived rants here. That's good. I daresay my sleep deprived rants are a lot more interesting than my sleep-fulfilled ones. =D

Why do I question sleep? Hmm, not a day goes by I don't ask myself the same question. I guess it's because my subconcious fascinates me. It's a very interesting place, and quite a bit of my worst fears manifest themselves into my dreams. Rarely do I have pleasant dreams, when I dream at all. However, the nightmares only frighten me when I have them--afterwords I'm perfectly fine. What frightens me more is the fact that I am, indeed, having them. Hm! I stay up very late all of the time, because there is a lot to do at night that I just can't do during the day. Because during the day I'm either sleeping or at school. Or both. Or all three...

Insomnia? No, I don't have it. I get my six to seven hours of sleep a day. I yawn and rub my eyes as I type this. *yawns, rubs eyes* Yes, indeed.

My favourite work by Mr. Vasquez? Johnny the Homicidal Maniac! Invader Zim is cool too, but I daresay, Johnnyboy wins outright. I've discovered I have a sort of thing for fictional serial killers and anti-heroes. Of course, Zim is an anti-hero too, but. You get my point. 

Righto! That's all I think of to say, right now. What's the point of this community, anyway? Just a place for people to rant about why they question sleep and love Jhonen Vasquez? How interesting...

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Resurrection time

To heck with time lapses, I need to be here.

Well, for starters, I'm J. Neutrois, totally asexual, and better known as spinningcannon, of course.
I have a rabid imagination and way too many headvoices for my own good. But we have fun.

To be brutally honest, I have never questioned sleep... until I met Johnny.

Honestly, since my childhood, I have been a literal sleep addict thanks to my deep-rooted love of dreams and the worlds within them. I still am, but... I don't get to spend as much time with them anymore.
Life has been quite a headtrip recently. I have never had this much stress thrown at me at once, and with my naturally busy family life and work/school schedule it's only getting worse.
So... I haven't been sleeping much at all. Five hours tops per night, really.
But the funny thing is-- half the time I really don't miss it.
I miss the dreams, sure. I miss being able to relax after a long hard day, sure.
Yet there's so much for me to do before I even think of sleep that I'm finding it difficult not to stay awake.

Either way, I am indeed questioning sleep, for one reason or another.
Why does it hunt me so tirelessly?
And why does it never truly reach me?

Lastly, on the subject of that fantastic being we know as Jhonen Vasquez.
He is truly an inspiration to me. I highly admire him, not just for his art, ambition, and imagination, but for the dear characters he has given me the chance to meet. 
Zim, Johnny, Bob, Devi, Squee, all of them... I love all of them and am very thankful I have their voices echoing in my head when they do.
My favorite series of Jhonen's is an eternal stalemate between Invader Zim and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. The subject matter for both is absolutely riveting, the character design is genius, and let's face it-- I freaking adore both Johnny and Zim. 

So yes. It's really a pleasure to be here with you guys, even if I'm not the sort of person you'd expect to be hooked on a graphic novel about a serial killer! But that's what makes me me, I guess. 

G'night, then... and don't let the flesh-eating demon bed babies bite!

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Y hallo thar

Introduction. I'm bad at these.
I'm Dairyon XD
My age is irrelevant
I question sleep because while I’m sleeping away I could be doing things. Productive things. Or not so productive things, depending on my mood.
My favorite Jhonen Vasquez work is JTHM orrr Invader Zim.
And I am here to liven up this community. Or at least post in it some. And hope that it livens up. The last post in here was like, last year =O Which was like, WEEKS ago. DON’T LET YOUR LOVE FOR NNY DIEEEEE. LOVE HIMMM.

Forgetting I questioned sleep...

Yeah, talk about forgetting you belonged to a community....

Lol. well anyway, I got the big squee director's cut some time ago. Anybody else have that? i like Jhonens fake (probably based on real event) fan letters.

You guys have probably already read/gotten it, but conversation is nice no?

happy belated christmas

-le box.
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Jhonen is t3h 5h1t!W00t!

I question sleep 'cause I actually am an insomniac and I like the feeling that the rest of my family is so vulnerable to me when I'm awake and they're not(vicious grin, heheheh). My favorite Vasquez work is I feel sick, and I think that all the people who still go here should try joining the fanlisting I mentioned before, here's another link:
JtHM Fan

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Hey, I found a good fanlisting, so why don't we all join if you haven't already(it's TFL approved)so here's a link:
I [ knife ] JtHM
I think it would be kinda cool if everyone joined it so we could add a lot more people to the fanlisting.
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