April 10th, 2007

'ello everyone!

Hi, my name is Seyi (pronounced Shay-yi, before all the tongue twisters start). I'm 15, gay and live in London. At the moment I'm looking for someone to talk to it about as I'm most definitely not out yet and I'm also wondering about other gay teens and their experiences. My passion is writing and I also love TV. Anything else you'd like to know please ask. It's nice to meet you all :D.

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I'm participating in a SoulForce Equality Ride to Patrick Henry College in Virginia tomorrow.

Patrick Henry College has a policy under which they can suspend and/or expel students who express homosexual tendencies or even sympathies.

I'll be a part of a peaceful rally whose course of action includes making statements and singing Christian songs. We also hope to meet students off-campus for discussion.

Here's a link I just found on the PHC website in response to our arrival: http://www.phc.edu/news/docs/04092007Media.asp

There is a definite potential for arrest. I hope not to participate in those actions, but I get riled up so easily that it makes me nervous.

There are two friends of mine from Bryn Mawr who are going. The group I'm leaving Philly with is staying in the same hotel as the Riders, who perform these deeds at conservative universities all over the country while riding on a bus for two months.

I'm looking forward to meeting them, and all these new people. I'm also scared shitless.

If you pray, please pray hard for this endeavor. Pray that our outreach speaks to even a few students, or even just one, and sparks thought and compassion. Pray that a closeted student realizes that there is support for him or her in the world. Pray that these institutions will learn to treat LGBTQ youth with Christian sympathy and love, rather than shunning them and forcing them to leave the places they have chosen to learn.

Much love,

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