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I am a graduate student who is looking at the ways adolescent girls between the ages of 16 and 19 explore their identities online. The research would involve letting me read your journals during the 3 month study as well as three interviews through instant messenger. You would receive gift cards for your participation. If you might be interested or would like additional information please message me. Thanks
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Coming Out

Hey Everyone,

I'm doing a research project on coming out for my HSC Community and Family Studies course. I have created a survey with a few questions about coming out, for both people who are out and those who aren't. So if you could just copy it into a comment and, say, delete all the other options (leaving your answer) and write your responses, that would be a great help.

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Georgia High School Boots Crossdressing Student

Jonathan Escobar, 16 of North Cobb High School has been kicked out because he refuses to change who he is and stop dressing in female attire at school. Please join in taking action to demand school administrators allow him to express himself as he sees fit and to create a policy to ensure the safety of gender variant students.


Dennis Tam, a sad story about specialists

I strongly believe that as a community queer people have always been starved for art that resonates with their lives.

I believe even more strongly that growing up is incredibly hard and incredibly painful, and that stories are one of the best ways to help people get through pain.

I believe even more strongly that growing up as a queer person makes things hard in new and different sparkly exciting ways.

So I'm writing an online novel about growing up. It's called Dennis Tam. The main characters are FtM, gay, and in love.

You can find the first chapter here.

Updates on Wednesdays.

Fox News Show Red Eye Bashes Pre-Op MTF Boxer

The Fox News show Red Eye hosted by Greg Gutfeld continues to air transphobic remarks at the expense of various transgender people in the public spotlight, now focusing his attention on a boxer transitioning from male to female. We first called Mr Gutfeld out for his outrageous transphobic and horrific remarks about the "Pregnant Man" FTM, Thomas Beatie. He also spewed out offensive remarks against openly gay congressman Barney Frank.

Read the whole story here and watch the segment below.

The Advocate Refers to Trans Woman as a Gay Man

The Advocate a premiere LGBT news magazine has come under pressure from trans activists and allies after it referred to a couple who were legally married in New York as a "same-sex" couple. In the article N.Y. Unwittingly Marries "Same-Sex" Couple, the couple Hakim Nelson and Jason Stenson were given a marriage license because the clerk was unaware of the birth gender of Nelson who now goes by Kimah.

Neither Jason nor Kimah identify as gay, and this is a poor example of reporting. Please read this and contact The Advocate and let them know it's time to report on trans issues accurately.