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Pompous bastards? [entries|friends|calendar]

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January 22nd at 1:50 pm]

WELL, we haven't had this thing going on for ages.

anyone still out there?

December 23rd at 7:49 am]

Hello lads!

Just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas/end of year/time to spend with loved ones. Another year gone by, another year of fantastic friendships with all of you - here's to many more!

Freddie, you've been a great friend as always, I've had some insane nights out with you over the last twelve months - sometimes even I can't believe some of the stuff we got up to! May your hangovers be mild over New Year ;)

Brian, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather prank, annoy and argue with :) I know that on a few occasions this year I've gotten up your nose a little more than usual, and I know at the time it really annoyed you. It's all in fun though, yeah?

John, you're a rock. If anyone's gonna keep me sane and on my own two feet, it's you. We have to get together for a jam and bullshit session one day soon, it's been too long since we last did it! May your bragging at lack of hangovers be minimal :)

If I don't see you before hand - I'll see you all in 2006. rock on!
1 // CMNT

October 5th at 5:21 pm]

Hey! What's everyone doing?
17 // CMNT

new layout [Sunday
September 11th at 7:44 am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I changed the layout, guys.

tell me what you think. :)

I'll be working on a new icon, too.

9 // CMNT

July 9th at 11:18 pm]

Havent had one of these in awhile.

Oh well. If somebody doesnt respond in the next ten minutes, I'll be in bed.

Also..I am worried about our dear Freddie.
2 // CMNT

June 6th at 11:20 am]

[ mood | curious ]

Goodness. We need to have a chat, fellow Queenies.

I don't even know if you lot are on.

We havent had one in ever.

11 // CMNT

January 22nd at 9:18 pm]

Helloo? Brian dahling, you there? Roger, John if you boys are up, come talk to us!
112 // CMNT

April 24th at 2:10 pm]

Well lads, are any of you about and chatty? I'm rather lonely right now, my company has left and I'm rattling around this huge house with nothing much to do... let's chat shall we?
9 // CMNT

April 13th at 9:11 pm]

[ mood | calm ]


see john? you aren't the only one to start threads on this thing. :P

talk, people!

15 // CMNT

April 12th at 7:28 pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Am I like, the only person who starts conversations on here? :D

Ah well..just felt like talking because I am extremely bored.

I'm sure you lads feel the same, eh?

19 // CMNT

April 6th at 7:33 pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Would you lads be up for another conversation? Yesterday was fun.

28 // CMNT

April 5th at 7:33 pm]

So. . .are you guys going to reinact that picture, or what? heh heh.
101 // CMNT

April 2nd at 8:08 pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I feel like starting a subject in which we have a discussion.

Anyone else?

8 // CMNT

March 22nd at 5:16 pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

shall we start now? i know roger's here...john's stuck doing some science...and freddie's probably off shagging. in that case, i'm surprised roger's here.


oh! we can start it off with a word or something. how exciting! the first commenter has to use the following word in a sentence...


44 // CMNT

March 21st at 10:09 pm]

[ mood | creative ]

well, i was working in my handy dandy photoshop, and came up with this...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

as an icon for us. i was going to add a "copyright brian may 2005 iwillkillyouifyoutakethis,bitch!" at the bottom, but there wasn't space.

i also have the URL here...


so yep. who's in charge of these things? john? or are we all co mods and i'm just ignorant?

16 // CMNT

March 20th at 9:08 pm]

Okay, Queenies, let's start talking on the community now, since we are all here and on.

Who shall start the subject? Anyone? Anyone?
118 // CMNT

I'm a Queen lover, I'm a Queen lover! [Sunday
March 20th at 4:58 pm]
[ mood | content ]

I love Queen!
Especially the Mala & friends version ; )

10 // CMNT

March 20th at 1:45 pm]

Well I suppose it'll be me making the first post here..

Hello my loves! If you're reading this then you've stumbled across a little community called _queenies_, where Roger, Brian, John, and myself spend most of our time. We hope your stay with us will be an enjoyable one.

Oh, and to meet some other beautiful rockstars, take a walk over to only_rock. There'll be plenty to see and who knows, you might even make it lucky in the biz.

Until next time, you'll still be beautiful, I'll still be fabuous, and we'll still be Queen!
13 // CMNT

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