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Reita x Ruki - れいたxルキ -
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_quaintnotion is a community dedicated to the relationship (be it romantic or not) between the members of the JRock band「ガゼット」/ the GazettE, れいた (Reita) and ルキ (Ruki).


I. This should go without saying, but there are some people who don't listen. No flaming. If you do, you get a warning, and if you do it again, you'll be banned. If you need to fight about anything, do it somewhere else. I don't need your drama, and I'm sure the other members of the community won't either. Simple as that. Be nice.

II. Post all fanfiction using the LJ-CUT tag (don't know how? educate.) If you are posting any explicit art or large image sizes, please do apply an lj-cut. Include warnings on your fan fiction and fanart. (along with ratings and pairings). You can post fan fiction, fanart, pictures, graphics, cosplay, fansite links, etc.

III. Please refrain from spamming the community. Fanfic archives and RPs are okay, as long as they have some relation to the band.

IV. Try to stay on topic. I know this can be hard sometimes, and as long as it's related to Gazette, it's okay. Just don't go on and on about a different band (obviously). Try to keep it RxR, though, okay?

V. Please keep posts in english. I know people speak many languages on LJ. But being as I can only speak english, please don't suddenly start talking in a different language, because I won't know what you're saying. If you continue to do this, you will be banned, no exceptions.

VI.Please do not post links to your journal if the entry is F-locked. The fictions posted in this community must always be open to the community otherwise it's pointless to post your works here. If you wish to keep your entry F-locked, simply copy the fiction and post it as an entry in the community instead of linking to your journal. Thank you.

VII.It would also be greatly appreciated if you labeled the pairing correctly and tag your entries accordingly.
ReitaxRuki=Seme Reita
RukixReita=Seme Ruki
It will help members choose the fic they would enjoy reading. For the rest of the tags, see the guide HERE.

VIII. No Plagiarism. Thank you.

Disclaimer: This community is in no way affilated with the band Gazette or it's members. It's contents are fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

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