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Andriah Russell
17 years of age
Hair colour is blonde
belly button, nose, tongue pierced
currently have a boyfriend...but thats it!!!
hard alcohol...no beer, its way fattening...
yes, cigarettes, camel wides to be exact

favorite bands: Cold, Disturbed, Slipknot, Hatebreed, Nirvana, Tool, Manson,
and A Perfect Circle.
favorite movies: Zoolander, FightClub, and Finding Nemo
favorite era: hmmm... 60's cuz i would so be at woodstock!!!
favorite colour: pink (its fabulous)
favorite author: stephen king
favorite food: chicken salad or tamales
favorite person(s): my boyfriend Bobby, my homie Rose, and my twin bro Packy
favorite possession(s): my chihuahua kayte, bikini, laptop, cell phone
favorite quote: "the best way to a man's heart is with a sharp object, straight through the breast plate."
final thoughts: hott people rule!!!!!!!!!
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Name: Heather Lynn
Age: 22
Location: Washington State
Hair colour: Reddish Auburn Burgundy
Peircing(s): nose, ears (used to have tongue and eyebrow)
Marital status: long term relationship
Sexuality: like both but women are too much drama!
Alcohol? i like it but im allergic to hops so i dont drink too often
Cigarettes? ewee yucky! :-P
Drugs? used to a LOT but not so often, im a mommy now, I cant!

Band(s): Deftones, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Donavon Frankenreiter, Type O, Sheryl Crow, Jurassic 5
Movie(s): Posiden Adventure, Erin Brockovich, Ice Age
Era (50's 60's ect.) and why: 50's... things seemed to perfect then. Mom stayed home cooked and cleaned and Dad made the bacon. BUT now since stupid women fought for right all we got was the same junk PLUS having to work. it was a losing situation. lol Who said a poodle shirt wasnt fun! Come on!
Colour: Black & White
Author: VC Andrews
Food: Dreyers Strawberry Fruit Bars (Yummmmmmmy!)
Person(s): My daughter Sadie and my man Erik.
Possesion: my writings& books also daughters baby keepsakes
Quote: that of which does not kill us only makes us stronger.
Final thoughts: If ya dont like you dont like.. whatever, its not the end of the world.
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