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First rejection letter

I just recieved my first rejection letter. I'm wondering what made him reject me so I can correct it. The letter didn't say. Could it be the word count? Or maybe he just didn't like the idea of the story? The word count is only 70,000. For a fantasy novel that's short.

What should I do? Try once again to increase the word count or keep on going? Part of me feels that if an agent likes the sound of my query letter then the word count won't matter. They'll just ask me to increase it if they feel it's too short. Right?

I've never done this before and could really use some advice.

New here

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I'm currently working on a novel that I hope to someday get published. Lately, when writer's block strikes, I've been researching what goes into publishing a book. Wow!

So, here I am. :) I hope to learn a lot from this community.

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please feel free to be as harsh as necessary. i'd be so grateful for any critiques. also, i would be glad to read/edit/suggest on other people's work. get at me with anything. for now here is a short story i am working on which is currently untitledCollapse )

All criticism would be appreciated, specific or general. Thanks in advance!
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about me
hey. i'm dena. i am twenty years old, female. i love writing poetry, prose, poetic prose, philosophical essays, persuasive essays &analytical essays.
i am a junior at william paterson university (wpu) &an enlish major with a writing concentration. i also teach spanish part-time at a catholic elementary school to grades K-8. check out my journal to find out more.

on with the prompt...


i have been writing &dreaming of being a successful writer for as long as i can remember. when i was in second grade i wrote a poem called flower. it was surprisingly good for a second grader. haha. i remember sharing it with a much older friend who was in my afterschool care program with me. she told me that there was no way i wrote that &i had gotten it from somewhere else.

i don't know if that is when i decided i wanted to be published, but it is definitely one of the first writing experiences that i remember.


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Hello Hello
My name is Mariah and I will be your moderator
If you have any questions feel free to contact me always at xandshesgonex@hotmail.com
I'm young, I try too hard and someday I will be the next big thing, but until then I'll work and go to school.
I made this community for people to talk, brag if you will but if get unbearably someone will let you know, about being published, or to gripe about how hard it is in this world of cliches to publish something truly orginal.
Please post your writing, use an LJ-cut if the peice is long. Please post open markets and writing contests at well.
I hope we'll have fun here.