I'm psych med free

Hello everyone... It's been a long time since I came in here but I felt like I had something that might work for some of you. I have been off all prescription medication for a year and a half now. How did I do it? Nutrition and clean eating. I have been researching and studying all sorts of information about food, nutrients and how it affects our bodies along with how other things affect our bodies. We are constantly pummeled with pollutants in our water, air and food, plus we are expected to endure a lot more stress than ever before in how much we are expected to get done in a 24 hour period. I first started by cutting out all foods with high fructose corn syrup, which I don't care what the commercials say, it's poison. It's also in a LOT of cheap food. Don't eat it. Then I started reading labels and if I couldn't pronounce the ingredients or couldn't really identify it as an actual food, I didn't eat it. I stopped drinking any sodas and I eliminated artificial ingredients from my diet. I took out refined ingredients like white flour and white sugar. Over time I added organic foods to my list and I try to avoid any foods that may have been genetically engineered (GMO foods) or foods sprayed with toxic chemicals. I have had to rely on psych meds my entire life until I did this and I feel like a completely functionally normal person. I didn't even have that on meds. The past few months I have started having emotional issues and I was afraid I would have to go back on psych meds again but as more and more symptoms cropped up, and me doing yet more research, I have found that I perfectly fit the profile for perimenopause. Now I am learning about hormone imbalances. Diet also affects hormones and I truly believe I would be so much worse off if my eating wasn't as healthy as it is. I am researching bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and going to a place that is going to test all my food allergies, hormones, thyroid, vitamin D and a bunch of other things that affect weight, moods, stress, and body. I really feel like a lot of doctors are under-educated and jump the gun with psych meds when that should be a last resort. I'm not saying to go off your meds but I am saying to please make a real attempt to educate yourself and clean up your diets and have your allergies tested, cortisol, vitamin D, hormones... whatever you think might be contributing, and go to someone who is an expert in the field. Some doctors are also lazy when it comes to hormones and throw some birth control pills at you and call it good when that could actually make the problem worse. I can recommend a good book for perimenopause if you want to send me a private message or if you have any other questions or comments let me know and I will do my best to help.

Research Study- Share your Experience If You Cut

Have you intentionally cut yourself in the last 30 days? We invite you to share your experience by participating in a short online study. The purpose of this research is to examine health factors related to self-injury. The results from this study are completely confidential and cannot be linked to your identity, and all procedures have been approved under the ethical guidelines set by the APA. 

You must have intentionally cut yourself in the last 30 days and be 18 years of age or older to participate in this study. 

If you are interested in contributing to this research, please visit:


If you have any questions, please email Tatyana Kholodkov at tkholodk@uwyo.edu or Dr. Carolyn Pepper at cpepper@uwyo.edu

Thank you for your time!

I'm new here too-Cyclothymia.

Does any one know of a chat room for instant support in case I start to really loose it? I'm afraid to call a hot line if I'm feeling particularly dangerous to my self. What if they find me? The place near where I live is awful. It took me a week after leaving to stop crying! I will fight tooth and nail to keep from going back! The thing is, all I need is someone to safely talk to when I feel that way. That is all I need. I can't do that with my family now. They are the ones that admitted me 2 years ago. I'm trying to go med free. My creativity is back, passion too. I don't want to loose it again.
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weaning off zoloft

Hi everyone. I'm new to livejournal. I have taken Zoloft for almost tow years now. Two days ago I started the process of weaning myself off. I planned out week by week what my doasge would be. Week #1 I would cut down by half, Week #2 I would cut down to a fourth, Week #3 I would have a fourth every other day and then by Week #4 go off the pill completely. Like I said I have been doing this for only two days and I already feel some withdrawl symptoms: nausea, stomach cramps, and lightheadedness. I would really like to meet people that are either going through this or have gone through it. I feel a little lonely and like no one knows how I feel. I would love to make friends on here, so talk to me if you would like.
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Going off Lamictal?

Does anybody know about going off Lamictal? I take 400 mg daily.

Of course, I would be supervised by a doctor... I just haven't found one who is willing to work with a patient who doesn't want to take meds.

Also, this community seems to have a bit of spam... are there any other communities like this that get more traffic?

anyone around?

I went off of Remeron 30 mg five days ago. Also started a new f/t job and have several other projects going. the withdrawal from remeron occurred 1 day after quitting and lasted about 8 hrs. It was mainly intense agitation and physical discomfort.

I am posting because I feel pretty empty and desperate. I quit the Remeron because I ran out but after I went thru the withdrawal I didn't want to go back on, mainly because I didn't ever want to go through withdrawal again and I had also read online other ppl's experiences with Rem and they were having a lot of trouble quitting after havign been on for years or were not able to quit. I was on for 3 months.

It was also causing weight gain which is not a huge deal but I was worried about it and about not understanding its full effects. I liked the antidepressant qualities it had. I didn't feel spaced out, not myself, or any other negative effect. But I know doctors and researchers don't even know fully what a med does after you take it for years. It could be doing just about anything to your brain. I was on SSRIs before the black box warning came out and experienced impulsive suicidal ideation on them among a host of other serious problems (and no benefits). So I am wondering how I will "pay" for the happiness I get from Remeron. If the withdrawal is my payment, then we're square, I figured. I expected to be okay.

My mother was horrified and enraged that I had gone off my medication, as If I was some kind of out of control psychopath that would be a danger to society and myself if not medicated. That has been preoccupying me (her reaction) for days.

But at this point I am thinking of going back on or something because I feel suicidal, not that I actually am going to kill myself but that I feel so hopeless today that...well I don't like to go into it.

I dunno I just need support, and maybe to find out what Rem has been like long term for people. I really like it, but I'm scared. Bye.

Manifesto "Dyudrok"

(New Experimental Art)

1. In connection with the so-called global crisis art movement "POP-REVOLUTION"
(with the partial assistance of ART-REVOLUTION) and the artist Artyom Suslov
as well as several other free artists decided to create and implement the concept of
promotion of new art "Dyudrok."

The essence of this art is to re-establish the own way of avant-garde and surrealism.
Dyudrok included any avant-garde and modern art with blurred boundaries of genres and
unlimited fantasy of the author.

At the moment, the world economic system as well as world political system infringe
on the majority of rights, freedoms, opportunities and even hopes of man.
In this regard, decreasing the creative capacity of most people because
it decreases the level and scope of vision as well as the hope of translating its
into reality. At the time of the current crisis, a simple man forgets about high ideals,
he dreams at a low level. Dyudrok must to protect people from objective reality.
We believe - the objective reality that is at this level of crisis can and should move to
second place. We have the right to push it into second place if we give to the man a
new reality, which will carry the title of "objective". what is now "objective" will take
second place, or just disappear for a man.

Accordingly, we believe that everyone, regardless of his religious beliefs, his status in
the society, and regardless of the sanctions, which in future could be taken against the
"Dyudrok" has the right to go to the new reality at any time, partially or completely .

2. In our view, any human rights organization and any commission or authority that
to deal with human rights have the obligation to protect the right of every adult
in the transition, partial or complete, in a different reality.

3. If the man who entirely gone in a different reality according with the laws of this reality
can no longer be capable - this is his personal decision as the new reality does not contradict
the existing laws and not causing harm to anyone. Neither does the campaign leading cause harm.
No one is obliged to support the individual's life in old reality when he left a letter of
advice (note) with the signatures of witnesses.

4. The departure of a reality, as well as assistance in this, not an injury to humans,
because the only thing involved in this process - the human imagination.
But imagination does not belong to the bodi, as well as the experiments of the imagination
is not harmful for the rights of mental functions.
Accordingly, there is no room for any regulations on the intentional infliction of harm or death to
humans. Also note that imagination is fully subject to his master.

5. Relatives and friends of man who passed away in a different reality have the right to challenge the
decision through the courts or through the human rights organizations and and demand to return
him to the reality in which they are located. In doing so, c. 5 is partly contrary to the core - 1 item,
and further debate on this soil can be resolved only in the mutual agreement of the parties.

6. As Dyudrok is not limited with anything and depends only on the human imagination,
it does not conflict with any law and religious customs.

7. For the same reason (not limited and opportunity
giving own properties) Dyudrok and concept its development
and its veneration is not any organization or religion
nor the political movement. Because Dyudrok do not have its own symbols and beliefs.

The author of the Manifesto is Artyom Suslov.
Art - Movement "POP-REVOLUTION"

want to get off zoloft

 Hi all,

I have been using Zoloft for six years.  I take 100 mg a day.

I would love to go off.  I am 26, healthy, do not smoke or drink, exercise, etc.  I am looking for any advice about methods of quitting and any recommendations for websites or books that are helpful.