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20th-Apr-2015 05:59 pm - le sale
moshi moshi?

i'm selling at my journal Peace&Smile Carnival tour 2005 first press dvd and 10th Anniversary Peace&Smile Carnival first press dvd

please have look
19th-Apr-2015 09:29 pm - wts
I'm in serious need of some money and some space, these items and poor dvds are stuck looking at me with sad eyes, so I thought about finding a new owner for them.
They're all in extremely good condition unless otherwise stated.
This sale includes:
Alice Nine photobooks
Antic Cafe towels
Dir en Grey 5 Day Blitz DVD FC release
Gazette (Verwelktes Gedicht photobook with cd!) (black moral polo shirt) (The Gazette 10th anniversary The Decade dvd)

( All here! )

Please let me know if you're interested!
11th-Mar-2015 08:00 pm - BIG J-ROCK SELLING
Hello! Me and my friend we're selling our collection of the GazettE stuff, and also a little bit of Sadie, Mejibray and many magazines including other j-bands.
Every buyer will get some bonuses and free gifts with every purchase!
Wellcome ^.^

13th-Jan-2015 12:18 am - Selling Screw Kazuki Cheki
Screw Kazuki
CHEKI FOR SALE: Screw Kazuki Cheki
Please visit this link if you are interested~

ジン - chuu~
I still have way too many Jrock things I'm no longer interested in having up for sale. If you're into SCREW, this is your lucky day!


(Please come and have a look.)
Hey guys. I still have a LOT of SCREW CDs/posters/etc. around that I seriously need to find new homes for. If you're interested or know someone who might be, please visit my (SELLING POST RIGHT HERE).
My feedback can be found HERE

14th-Aug-2014 08:41 pm - Selling
Hey guys :D I decided to dissolve my whole JRock collection so I also have a bunch of items from PSC bands for sale~
(I'm also selling a lot of other items over here at my sales journal)

All items are in good condition, but please remember that some items are used. (Normal signs of use)
If there are any questions don't hesitate to ask me. :)
Shipping prices depend on what you want and where you live.

Every Item cames from a non smoking household

1. Vivid - Across the Border - 7€
2. Vivid - Across the Border Type A WITH DVD (limited of 3000 Worldwide) - 20€
3. Vivid - Dear with DVD (limited of 3000 Worldwide) SOLD OUT!!! - 40€
4. Vivid - Take-off SOLD OUT!!! - 50€
5. Vivid - The Vivid Color (limited of 3000 Worldwide)
6. Vivid - The Vivid Color WITH DVD - 20€
7. Vivid - Precious Type B with 20Page Booklet - 12€
8. Vivid - Precious - 7€

click here for MUCH moreCollapse )
ジン - chuu~
Hi, would anyone be interested in SCREW merch? I have a lot of it (CDs, posters, postcards, totes etc.): CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE

My feedback can be found HERE
Hi Everyone,

I am selling a huge stock of magazines. Many with The Gazette on the cover but also includes articles from Nightmare, Kra, Kagrra, Alice Nine, Plastic Tree, D, Despairs Ray and other bands. Many contain wall posters or pull out posters. If you want to see a photo of a magazine I can easily send this to you. Please contact me via LJ or at lucyjackson1987@gmail.com. For more Jrock related goods please visit:


I will always do my best to get you the cheapest (approximate price is around £2.80 per Magazine for International standard) shipping price for UK and Europe. I am also good to send the Magazines to the USA but please enquire for more information as this can be pricey depending on amount wanted.

The Magazines available are:

Live journal Magazine sale

Shoxx (With Posters) £4 EACH
Vol 157 March 2006
Vol 160 June 2006
Vol 161 July 2006
Vol 185 July 2008
Vol 172 June 2007
Vol 181 March 2008
Vol 174 August 2007
Vol 141 Nov 2004

Shoxx (Without Posters) £3 EACH

Vol 152 October 2005
Vol 146 April 2005

Arena37 (With Posters) £4 EACH

May 2006
November 2006
February 2007
August 2007
January 2008
Special Vol 27
Special Vol 33
In Yoyogi, Stacked Rubbish – Grand Finale

Neo Genesis (With Posters – Pull out) £4 EACH
Vol 07
Vol 10
Vol 21
Vol 23
Year Book 2007
Spring 2006

Neo Genesis (No Posters)£3 EACH

Vol 14

Fools Mate (Magazine is not issued with posters)£4 EACH

No. 324 October 2008
No. 294 April 2006
No. 307 May 2007
No. 315 January 2008 £3

Misc Magazines (Gazette Covers-with Posters) £4 EACH

Glare Vol 06 – Uruha & Aoi Cover
Glare 12 Page Super Issue (No Vol Number)
Cure Magazine Vol.20 21.03.2005 £4

Misc Magazines (On cover – No Posters) AS PRICED

Rock & Read 10 – Aoi Cover £2
Rock & Read 14 – Reita Cover £2
Arena37 Special Vol. 48 September 2008 – Uruha Cover £4
MusiQ Vol.13 August 2008 – Aoi Cover £3
Shoxx BIS No.13 February 2006 – Reita cover- Bassist Special. £3

Misc (Gazette Not On Covers) £3 EACH

Zi Magazine No.13 November/December 2006 – Mucc Cover
Arena Act13 October 2006
Arena37 No.311 August 2008
B=PASS March 2008 – Uverworld Cover
Neo Genesis Vol.20 (No Date) LM.C Cover
Neo Genesis Vol.18 (No Date) An Café Cover
Shoxx Vol.165 November 2006 – LM.C Cover
CD Magazine No.03 March 2008 – Luna Sea Cover £4
Neo Genesis Winter 2005 – Miyavi Cover £4

Kind Regards
Jrock The Gazette Hyena Single Including DVD (261541929583)
Jrock The Gazette Regret Single Including DVD (261541934425)
Jrock The Gazette Filth In The Beauty CD With DVD (261541938579)
Jrock The Gazette Guran Single With DVD (261541943519)
Jrock Fools Mate Magazine October 2006 ~ The Gazette, Miy... (261541971645)
Jrock Cure Magazine Vol.20 With Poster and The Gazette Me... (261541982070)
Jrock Rock and Read Magazine Vol.14 (Reita From The Gazet... (261541994366)
Jrock Rock and Read Magazine Vol.10 (Aoi From The Gazette... (261541999521)
Jrock Fools Mate Magazine January 2008 ~ The Gazette, LM.... (261542011981)
Jrock Fools Mate Magazine May 2007 ~ The Gazette, J, Desp... (261542020094)
Jrock Glare Magazine ~ The Gazette Cover Plus Poster & Re... (261542026757)
Jrock Fools Mate April 2006 ~ The Gazette, Gackt, Flare, ... (261542073962)
Jrock Fools Mate Magazine March 2008 ~ The Gazette, Luna ... (261542095961)
Jrock Fools Mate Magazine October 2008 ~ The Gazette, J, ... (261542104129)
Jrock Fools Mate Magazine November 2006~The Gazette, LM.C... (261542131345)
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