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x0x--» prov0cative?

pr0ve it...

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This is a community for people who think they're "int0xicating". You don't have to be gorgeous, but yeah you have to be cute or pretty. This is a *RATING COMMUNITY* people, so if you think you're ugly, save yourself the embarassment people and just go away. If you don't like what a member has to say, then thats just tough because haha guess what?? That's right.. they're members and you're not!

.. and now for the rules ..


o1. join community before you can post
o2. as the subject line for your application, it must be " prov0cative?"
o3. fill out application and include 3 CLEAR pictures of you behind an L.J cut.. (NO NUDE PICS!)
o4. you must be accepted before you can comment or post any entries...unless they are your own
o5. Remember that they teach grammar in school for a reason.. (i.e.. yOo DnT nEiD tOo TiPe LyKe ThIs FoUr PpL tOo UnDeRsTaNd YoO bEkUz ThIs IsZ gAi)
o6. if you are accepted, there will be no racial comments
o7. must post pictures and application a.s.a.p
o8. once accepted, you are required to comment/rate other applicants in this community

If you break the rules you will recieve a warning then your suspended.. ^_^ yay

now for the application....

o1. What's your name bitch:
o2. How old are you:
o3. Location:
o4. Favorite Bands:
o5. Why should we let you be in here:
o6. What do you think your best feature is: