.:*Allison*:. (lilxpinkxstar) wrote in _prov0cative,

o1. What's your name bitch: Allison
o2. How old are you: 13, soon to be  14
o3. Location: Los Angeles, California
o4. Favorite Bands:
The Postal Service, Justin Timberlake, Stray Cats, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yellowcard, Simple Plan
o5. Why should we let you be in here: Well, i know this doesn't really count but i was invited and the person said i was pretty. And i'm very active on livejournal, so i could be a big help. And i'm a very fair judge on other rating communities, plus it looks fun!
o6. What do you think your best feature is:
My eyes i guess, cause everybody always compliments me on them.

Sorry i didn't know if i could post more than 3?




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