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I dont know what to say...all i know is you think u must know me pretty well i would maybe even called you a "friend" but i guess i was wrong. u must not know a thing about me or my friends who i love dearly. if u used to be my friend then i made a pretty good decision by droppin u cause a true friend would NEVER do anything like this. i was there for you and as hard as it is for me to say this but i will always be there for you b/c thats what God tells us to do and i know that He will be here for me through all of this and no matter what you say about me. u are doin nothin but makin urself look bad. i hope that ur happy cause u have hurt me im not goin to lie but i know that no matter what my TRUE friends will always love me and be there for me...i guess thats more than i can say bout u! i hope ur happy. and for all my friends i love you all more than i could ever tell you! and thanks for always bein there for me!
♥ jessica

o btw maybe next time you should block ur I/P number before you comment again!

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