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First of all, who invited you if applicable? no one. saw it promoted in my own community, _conceited
1. Name: Haley
2. Nicknames: Haley Bug, Bug, Hal
3. Age: 15
4. Explain your username and user icon: Okay when i lay out i get dark really quick and i have icky tan lines. I just was trying to create a new user name one day and couldnt think of anything cute and summery. i had to go to the bathroom and i had a tube top on and as i was washing my hands i looked in the mirror and i saw.. TAN LINES!!!! lol haha.. and my user icon is some girl in a bathing suit thing.. i just liked it because it reminds me of the beach.
5. Favorite outdoor activity and why: i would have to say swimming and laying out. swimming is such an easy exercise to do and it works almost every muscle in your body. plus its fun! who couldnt love something fun that you benefit from?
6. Least favorite outdoor activity and why: I don't like running. I have asthma and other breathing problems and it causes me to have a hard time breathing and just functioning.. which sucks because i can run really fast =(
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and what would you do? ='( i would travel back to last summer around this time to where my cousin Laura was and let her know that i love her and im sorry for the things that happened. I never got to tell her that because she died in a car wreck due to a drunk driver.
8. What really makes a person beautiful to you? this is such a cheezy answer but i really have to say someones personality. If you strip everyone down just to bones and organs, we all look the EXACT same.. so if you dont have that, all you have left is personality.. which is what really matters.
9. What are some of your best features and traits? hmm.. i like my eyes
10. Why should you be accepted at _Sun_Kisssed_ in your opinion? I would be an asset to this community because I am always online and I would always be here to comment on entries and also rate applications.

Your Opinions

Paris Hilton: I think Paris is sort of... a sl*t.. lol... I like the simple life though + my friend Somer looks like her identical twin!!

George Bush: Not really sure. I hope he get re-elected as president though

Same Sex Marriages: This is a tough question because there are so many diffferent answers. Here where I live in the South (Alabama) people are screaming about how homo-sexuals are going to hell and how it should be illegal to let them get married. Honestly, I don't see the problem in it. I don't condone their beliefs but they're people too. Love doesn't recognize appearance and race and gender.. It only knows what it feels.

Alcohol: I've never drank before.. ever. I don't see the problem with it in moderation but some people can take a good thing and just totally misuse it.

Acura Integras: They're the best car ever!

Teenage Pregnancy: its a really sad thing. ive had to watch someone in my family go through it and its horrible. She had to give up all of her teenage years (she was only 14) to raise a child. When you're 14 you shouldn't be worried about rather or not your baby has enough food or diapers.. You should be worried about what you're going to wear to the movies and stupid things like that.

Other Random Questions

Name some movies that you love: The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, The Sandlot, Now and Then, Treasure Island, Mean Girls

Reccommend a book or two: The Notebook, A Walk to Remember

What type of music do you like, or what song do you relate to at the moment? Honestly, I'll listen to just about everything. I L0VE 80's music though. My favorite song at the moment is Little Red Corvette!!! (haha got to test drive one of those things and WoOOwWw!!!)

List some of your hobbies and interests: dancing, talking on the phone, tanning, swimming, working out, talking on the internet, hanging out wtih my friends, movies, music, going to the beach, & shopping

Please provide a link to a community you promoted _sun_kisssed_ too:

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