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o1. What's your name bitch: Rebecca Thomas
o2. How old are you: 14
o3. Location: Arkansas
o4. Favorite Bands: Coheed and Cambria, Smile Empty Soul, Shinedown, Fuel, Trapt, Three Days Grace, and lots more.
o5. Why should we let you be in here: Truthfully I can't think of a reason that doesn't sound stuck up, but I can say that I would really like to know what people think of me and I would like to tell other people what I think of them.
o6. What do you think your best feature is: I would have to say my eyes.  I love my eyes.

And now for my pictures.......

Me after I did something bad.


Me before I had time to get ready.


Me talking on the phone.


Me and my friend just chillin at home.  I'm on the right.....

This one was taken about a year ago..I had a guffy look on my face.Also from a year ago...I'm on the right.



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