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I dont know what to say...all i know is you think u must know me pretty well i would maybe even called you a "friend" but i guess i was wrong. u must not know a thing about me or my friends who i love dearly. if u used to be my friend then i made a pretty good decision by droppin u cause a true friend would NEVER do anything like this. i was there for you and as hard as it is for me to say this but i will always be there for you b/c thats what God tells us to do and i know that He will be here for me through all of this and no matter what you say about me. u are doin nothin but makin urself look bad. i hope that ur happy cause u have hurt me im not goin to lie but i know that no matter what my TRUE friends will always love me and be there for me...i guess thats more than i can say bout u! i hope ur happy. and for all my friends i love you all more than i could ever tell you! and thanks for always bein there for me!
♥ jessica

o btw maybe next time you should block ur I/P number before you comment again!
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Are you one of those girls who desperately need make-up so they can look hot?

Are you confident enough that you look very pretty w/out it?

Are you a Natural Beauty?

If you said 'Yes' to the two last questions, then this community is for you.

Join truly_natural
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This isn't your typical rating community, because unlike the others, we rate you for what you where born with and not for the mask you put on.


heyyyy application..

o1. What's your name bitch: Becca
o2. How old are you: 14
o3. Location: texas
o4. Favorite Bands: yellowcard, fall out boy, taking back sunday, kenney chesney =)
o5. Why should we let you be in here: because im fun and ill post nice and truthful comments
o6. What do you think your best feature is: my smile or my eyes (there blue)

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