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Community Rules - PLEASE READ!

1. Content
All requests and contributions MUST follow the community theme, any requests, offers or other contributions that are not directly related to mothers/children/family will be deleted without notice.Additionally, any requests or contributions that do not adhere to the LiveJournal Terms of Service will be removed without notice.
b). Not all child/family related content belongs here. This community is for graphics and some photography. This is not a place to talk about your day and post pictures of you and your kids. This is not the place to post that funny meme that's been going around your friends list or post links to the latest toy recalls or amber alerts,instead please try . Posts not related to graphics or photos will be deleted without notice. Members who continue to post off-topic entries or comments will be removed from the community.
c). No promotions! If you are not an approved maker or mod you are not allowed to promo another community in posts or in comments - period!Linking to resources in other communities, however, is allowed

2. Conduct
The _proudmomma moderators have ZERO tolerance for drama of any kind. "Snarking" or creating drama about members, graphics, pictures, etc... is prohibited. Additionally, no posting pictures or graphics belonging to other members anywhere for any reason,they're not yours don't touch them. This community is designed to be a safe place for members to participate without worrying about being teased. If caught trash talking members or makers of this community either here, or in other places on LJ, or sites affiliated with LJDrama circles(, ljusersecrets, etc), you will be banned without notice. This goes for makers as well.
b). Critiques on others graphic work or photography is welcome and encouraged if requested, but do so positively. No personal attacks on any other member(s) or maker(s), or their work, for any reason is allowed. If something offends you please direct it towards the Moderators and we will do our best to reach a resolution. Members who create problems in this community, or participate in drama - even if started by someone else - are subject to being banned without warning.

3. Requesting
a).Family and children come first before this community and anything else!Do not harass makers, or expect anything to be filled with lightening speed. We all have children, families and/or jobs to take care of before we can even think about about icons and banners.
If you are making a request please be clear, allow time, do not cross-post the request to another community and only request graphics for yourself, never for friends, other family members, or businesses/organizations. When you have picked up a graphic, please let the maker know you got it and when you use it credit the maker appropriately if asked.
c). The graphics you request here must be used, do not request if you're not going to use it. If it will be used somewhere other than LJ(myspace, GJ, printed, etc) please get permission from the maker to use it elsewhere.
d). Do not request from EVERY offer!Please remember that we are a large community with over 650 members,some of whom work all day and don't get online as much as others, they would like graphics as well. Do not request from the same maker two offers in a row, and do not request more than once a day period.

4. Contact
Keep all communication to our mods and makers within the _proudmomma & _proudmods communities. Do not EVER follow a mod or maker to a personal journal to ask questions. If you want to make a private complaint, please email one of the moderators.
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