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_proudmomma Mods

Mods for _proudmomma community
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
The mods and makers for: _proudmomma

Please fill out the form if you'd like to be a maker
Makers are voted on by the other makers.
Please don't get offended if you're not "approved" - you can always apply again...


You must be willing to show RESPECT not only to the other makers and mods but to all members of the community as well. There will be NO member-snarking in the mod community. There will be NO talking down to community members. Please refer to the mandatory post listed above.

All About Being A Maker


No limitations on number of makers at this time.

Min. Requirements:

Use Maker Icon for all posts
One Maker Post per month
5 or more requests per offer

What's a Maker Post?

Tutorials, custom items, pre-mades, open request posts (should still be mother realated)

Going on Hiatus:
Please comment in _proudmods. Or e-mail me directly.
While on hiatus you can still post as a maker if you have extra time!
When you would like to return from hiatus status there must be a spot open! (unless we are on "no limitation" status)

Maker's List

Owner/Mod: lola_dark

Mod/Maker: serenityone

Maker: forbiddenpluto
Maker: intothesea
Maker: rebblegirl
Maker: oh_andrea