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LJ Idol Season 10 Sign Ups are now open!

Looking for an excuse to write?

Need the pressure of deadlines?

Or maybe you just want to hang out with creative people!

Livejournal isn't dead!

LJ Idol is celebrating our 10th anniversary with a brand new season, and I hope that you will decide to take part in it.

It's a writing competition crossed with a reality show and mixed up into an unique blend! All forms of writing are excepted and encouraged. Just be creative!

Just follow the link http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/945807.html and follow us down the rabbit hole into one of the most addictive things on Livejournal!

Hope to see you there!
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dog_eat_dog_lj is a new interactive game played on Livejournal and we are looking for players.

Come join and be in the chance to win a paid livejournal account for 1 year!

Compete in fun challenges against other players.

Have fun and maybe even make some new friends.

Nothing to lose, but lots to gain. Why not?!
Only Seems Kinky the First Time

Hunter's Third Tease

My fellow Pervy Lit Mod Candy Kitten and I asked Pervy Lit Members and Friends to submit erotic teasers, fantasies and confessions. You're going to enjoy these hot erotic ficlets!

With the infinitely careful slowness of manipulating objects in outer space, he let his hand move toward her cheek. She closed her eyes as first his palm, then each gentle fingertip, encountered her skin. He moved just enough to be caressing instead of just holding her, but it was almost impossible to see the movement.

He felt that he had been alive since the universe's birth, waiting aeons for this moment. Unconsciously, he licked his lips, and her eyes fluttered open as if sensing his anticipation. Her mouth opened slightly, and she shifted her weight so her face was a centimeter closer to his. Both their eyes widened, softened somehow, and reflected light that wasn't really there.

His palm angled out now, and he let his fingertips trace a line down to her jaw, memorizing the angles of her face, calculating intercept points, docking procedures. He lowered his head, drawn in by her inexorable gravity.

Lips barely brushed together, cautious but certain, and his tongue darted out for just a moment, needing desperately to know the taste of her as well as the yielding pressure of the kiss. However, she suddenly found boldness, and enticed it inside with her own, both twisting together slickly in her mouth. Passion burst in their eyes like the flare of a newly-born star, and the kiss deepened. He moaned, in the depths of his throat, not certain she would hear.

His hand was in her hair now, entangled, and her arms had slipped around his back, pressing his whole body closer, needing to learn that world that was their bodies combined. Like the moon being revealed after an eclipse, skin was bared, and they made love to the rhythms of the cosmos.

He was hopelessly lost in her orbit, controlled by her will, and his desire was the sky that they shared.

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Introducing the Hemlock Grove Fan Fiction Community!

hemlockgroveff is a new Community where you can post your Fan Fics featuring actors and characters from the new series Hemlock Grove. We accept and encourage all pairings and ratings and welcome your creative efforts!

RPS and Character Fanart (graphics, manips, wallpapers, icons, banners, drawings or paintings) is welcome here too.

Thanks for joining us at Hemlock Grove FF!

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Wincest in Heart

Welcome to The Male Room!

Join us at The Male Room

Den of Iniquity - noun - defined as a place of immoral behavior, usually of a sexual type.
If you're a guy who writes slash, post it here!
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