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_promisedland_'s Journal

Promised Land
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Welcome to Promised Land, a Final Fantasy VII RPG! . . . yeah. Most of this has been written by your Evil Genius Leader, as my lackey are friggin lazy ::glare:: (I'm not lazy! I wrote two rules! ::runs away::)

Plot: We start our little adventure at the end of disk one, where Aerith dies- by Cloud's hand. Overcome with guilt, Cloud take's Sephiroth's invitation to team up with him, be his number one soldier. His little puppet. The remaining members of AVALANCHE have no choice but to continue fighting, even if it is against their uber powerful once-leader.

Rules: Follow or die. You get three warnings and them I'm through with you. I'm a bitch when I want to be, trust me. It's why I always end up w/ mod positions :P

1. Don't kill off eachother's characters w/out permission, don't do something major with another character w/out permission, blah blah, just respect other people's characters, thank you.

2. HOMOPHOBIA IS NOT TOLERATED. Everyone loves their slash and I'm sure it'll pop up in the RP at some time (Aerith/Tifa is a huge possibility). If you don't like that, go find an open mind.

3. Post plot ideas/whatever in our OOC comm, _booyaka_, plz. We're not total plot nazis, but we like to know whats going on, ya know? There will be an overlaying plot with guidelines you must follow (but if you have issues with them, tell us. We're bendy and can work around your issues, no prob). But aside from the overlaying plot, do what the hell you want. We don't care, as long as all players agree.

4. No NC-17, please. It's lovely for those who are old enough, but for others? No. We don't want it in our comm. Go elsewhere if you want smut. Very suggestive suggestions, though? Go for it! R is down by us! Just no grahical stuff when it comes to sex, thank you ^_^

5. Graphic violence = lj cut. Some people just can't handle it. Please respect them.

6. No crossovers. They're pathetic. Yuna can stay where she is, thank you very much.

7. No reviving people unless you have an UBER good reason! I hate going to RPs where everyone and their sister is revived. We already feel cheap for reviving Aerith XD But, if you have a reason that's plausable, we'll let you use that character ^_^

8. Aerith. Not Aeris. Okay, this isn't a real rule but, dammit, it's my pet peeve! Aerith. AERITH. With a TH. Thank you!

9. No fangirlese! It's kind of wannabe-ish and PLEASE just don't do it. This is my other pet peeve. Keep it in English please. ^_^

10. NANAKI. There will be no Red XIII in this community. It's BAD. His name is Nanaki! Red is okay, just not the XIII part because it makes him sound machine-y. He was probably called Red as a child anyway.

11. Accept for special cases, posts in PL will be 1st person. That's what makes LJ RPing fun :P

Yeah, like I said, 8, 9, and 10 aren't REALLY rules and we won't castrate you for not following but it's our pet peeves so nyeah XD If ya wanna make it in w/ the mods (it's always a good thing), you respect our peeves XD

Characters: Character list time, woo hoo!

Big Goods
zakkusu (Zack)
cetra_dreams (Aerith)
tifers (Tifa)
marshmellowbear (Barret)
very_random (Yuffie)
bigrednanakicat (Nanaki)
unsingable_name (Cait Sith)
shadedvalentine (Vincent)
dammit_shera (Cid)
sorry_cid (Shera)

Big Bads
missingawing (Sephiroth)
just_a_puppet (Cloud)

kyahaha (Scarlet)
unsingable_name (Reeve)
iclaudius (Palmer)
heiddy (Heiddegger)

all_these_poses (Tseng)
seek_and_kill (Elena)


Rude (we killed him in place of Tseng to sound less cheap XD What, this is already twisted, might as well twist some more!), Jessie, Biggs, Wedge

Needed Characters: Reno

If you want to play a character but don't know who, I have graciously compiled a small list of suggested characters. 'Cause these are all I could think of.

Don Corneo

Original characters are welcome, but we have a few rules :P No god-mod characters. Hell, we really don't even care about stastics and all that, it's all about personality and feelings in this RP. Also, NO relatives of one of the original FF7 characters. Plus, try not to create, like, a Tifa-like character b/c Tifa was taken . . . that's just really sad. Be creative!

If you would like a character, e-mail me (cradleand_all@hotmail.com) and Crystal (rainedaygirl@juno.com) a sample paragraph (which is really just to see if you write like a normal person. Leet and god awful grammer is not smiled upon. We don't really care about IC-ness unless you play a MAJOR character. You can have Scarlet be an introverted, quiet feminist for all we care. Now, if you were going to play Cid like that, we'd have some issues.). If we say you can join (which we probably will), go create a journal for your character. If you don't have a code, we can find one for you. If you WANT to use your OOC journal and just post your character's post in the comm from there, you CAN, but it's really stupid and not smiled upon. We won't, like, not let you join, though. Just laugh at you behind your back :P

And that's all I have to say, I think . . .

Have fun!

- The Evil Genius Leader
- The Other One
- The Newbie Mod