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This community has been founded for the following reasons:
1. Posting pictures that you drew with Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, MS Paint, or random doodles drawn in class/while on the phone/waiting for food at restaurants.
2. Documentation of funny, disturbing, enchanting or otherwise entertaining run-ins with other people.
3. Horrible pictures taken of yourself.
4. Unsent letters.
5. Writings. If you have something to say, say it here. Lewd, crude, poetic about food, do it, do it now. We want your writing. We want brutal honesty. We want no mercy. Give it to us. We need it.
6. Discussing cool places and events happening in North Carolina.

Why such an eclectic community? Well, any of these things alone would never make it as a community, but together they may attract 5 or even 6 members!

1. No discussion of which part of NC is better than the others.
2. No posting hateful stories.
3. No bad-mouthing Ace of Base/Bon Jovi