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_promenade's Journal

Saki/Kazutaka Community
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So, buddy, what's the news on this place? It's a community for fans of the Saki/Kazutaka pairing. :D

Is it far out? Totally.

What are the rules?


[1] No spamming. All posts must be, somehow, related to Saki or Kazutaka(Muraki). As far as comments go.. try not to get too off topic. o_o It'd be a shame to see a conversation start around a Saki/Kazutaka fanfiction and end with something about Linkin Park.

[2] When it comes down to fanfiction, just make sure you tell us the title, who authored it (you or someone else), what genre it is, and whether it's complete or incomplete. Then either link to the fanfic or put it behind an LJ-cut. The only thing I really feel we need to be warned of rating-wise is sex and graphic violence, so make sure you say something about that as well. Same goes for fanart, minus the part about the genre and state of completion.

[3] There ain't no toleratin' of member-bashing in these here parts, partner.

[4] Posts don't need to be limited to fanfiction or fanart. Anything's accepted, as long as it's Saki/Muraki. You can even reccomend a song if it reminds you of the pairing. Icon posts are also accepted. ;o

[5] One last thing. To make sure you've read the rules, start by making an introductory post in which you say the word "napkin" at least once. Anyone who fails to do so will be banned immediately after posting, whether I like you or not.

Community admin: catiechu