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Prom 2005
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The Rules -

1.) This is a community focused mainly on prom. You may talk about other subjects in here, but please, put them behind an LJ-cut if they are off topic.

2.) Pictures bigger than 500x500 must be put behind a cut as well. We don't want to clog up everyone's friend's pages, now do we?

3.) Please respect others in this community. No flaming. I want this community to be as drama-free as possible. Disrespect will result in an automatic ban without warning.

4.) I do not require promotion, however, it is appreciated. But please do not promote in other prom communities, or communities that don't allow promoting. It's very disrespectful.

5.) Please fill out the intro survey before you make a post. I'd like to know who everyone is, and a little bit about them.

6.) Over all, just have fun!

Intro Survey

1.) Your name:
2.) Your age:
3.) Date of prom:
4.) Date for prom:
5.) High School:
6.) Prom theme:
7.) Prom location:
8.) Tell us something unique about you:
9.) Grade level:
10.) Number of proms you have been to: