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Sat, Nov. 11th, 2006, 08:40 am
wellnessmessage: Wellness Community

I created a place for those with a thirst for wellness and a compassion for all life. It is called the

Life Dynamix Wellness Community

Here you can meet others with similar interests, spread your message of wellness, and have your health questions answered by one of our wellness experts. These services are at no cost to you - this is our way of saying thanks for making Life Dynamix part of your world :)

Click Here
to Join The Circle.

I will be added to your friends network automatically. I hope to see you there :)

To Magic & Possibilities!


Wed, Mar. 29th, 2006, 05:50 am
asuraweapon: demanding attention.




Democratic? Republican? Independent? Undecided?
put your politics aside and open your eyes.

The federal government under Bush and his administration lies, has lied, and will continue to lie... AT OUR EXPENSE!!
9-11 was an instrument of the American government to control the masses and empower those at the top even more.

If you care about:
the victims of the 9-11 attacks,
our troops and the victims of an unjust war in Iraq,
your loved ones,
your family,
your friends,
your pets,
your neighbors,
your community,
your city,
your state,
your planet,
and/or YOURSELF...

... then you need to watch this--


Tell EVERYBODY you know, and even reach out to those you don't know if you have the means to. If you've seen this, or know of the information within, then PLEASE share and continue to share the truth.
It takes less than 5 minutes of your time to effectively network with others.

Our inaction and apathy has gone on far too long...
Voting is no longer the proper and sufficient course of action; the federal machine under Bush and his administration's control has seen to ineffective elections and defeating our wills...
... Greater acts of justice are required, but the first steps are to LEARN AND INFORM!!
There is strength in numbers.

For Life.
For Liberty.
For Peace.
For Justice.
For Truth.
For Love, Responsibility, and Progress!!


for additional information and contributing sources:

(feel free to add more supporting evidence)


Thu, Jan. 26th, 2006, 06:53 pm
fondo_del_mar: (no subject)

I'm from Russia. Haven't ever been to the USA, though I'd like to go some day... I just wanted to share my opinion about air pollution. I study in a university in Moscow, and I have to take a train or a bus. For the last few months, I preferred trains as less pollutive means of transport, but the thing is I am more creative in the bus. For the last two days that I've taken bus from Moscow, I wrote four poems and started a translation...
I am not sure if a "suburb train" invokes the same in you as in me (in fact, for me, it's an object tipical for Russia - read, for example, Erofeyev's "Moscow-Petushki", though I am not sure if this book has ever been translated).
I am perefectly aware that buses pollute air more than trains, but they have two advantages: 1. organization, 2. their roar stimulates my mind...
All information about your attitude to the transport system is welcomed)
Best wishes desde el fondo del mar

Fri, Oct. 14th, 2005, 11:57 pm
njdinergirl: For those that might be interested

Hello, this is just a small plug for a fundraiser my radio station is doing. We're a college/community/high school radio station, we try to play music that doesn't get played on mainstream radio. We'll be in the Woodbridge Mall this weekend, (which is in New Jersey, if you're around you should stop by!). We're trying to raise money to have our transmitter moved so we can have a larger broadcasting area. We do play Democracy Now! every week, Monday through Friday from 6-7pm, and Amy Goodman will be stopping by on Sunday between 11am-noon. If you'd like to listen to the station it's 90.3FM in Piscataway, NJ, or you can listen online at http://thecore.rutgers.edu

If you'd like to donate (there are things you can get w/ your donation, like a t-shirt, or a glass --so it's like over priced shopping), and donations are tax deductable please visit my donation page at:

if you have any questions feel free to email me at rsducky at hotmail dot com

thank you for your time.

Tue, Oct. 11th, 2005, 12:07 pm
iheartindiefilm: (no subject)


this political film by a collective of Latina feminists in NY just got posted on a site my friend works at.

I am trying to spread the word and drum up support for this piece. plus it's funny and takes some good shots at american racism / classism.

Check it out at OPERATION BLUE BLOOD Feel free to forward

oh and for another political piece that's just a bit more silly, they also just posted this piece FLORA BUSH about the "secret" Bush daughter


Thu, Aug. 25th, 2005, 12:40 am
tippy_cup_ella: (no subject)

Please sign this petition to protect the National Forests of the United States. You must be a US citizen to sign. The petition reads:

To: U.S. Congress
Dear members of Congress:

Please introduce the Forever Wild Act, as supported by the Native Forest Council, to the 109th session of Congress. Our public lands, now owned and hereafter acquired, deserve complete and total protection from extractive industries. Do everything in your power to eliminate all logging, road building, grazing, mining, and drilling on every acre of Federal public lands, including but not limited to: National Forests, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, Wilderness Areas, BLM lands, and National Monuments.


The Undersigned


thanks for your support!

Carey Ella

xposted all over the place

Fri, Aug. 19th, 2005, 04:51 pm
iheartindiefilm: (no subject)

ok, i am a driver, and from detroit originally, but i actually do care about the environment too and HATE how much hybrid and fuel efficiency has gone out the window. i saw this short cartoon today and wanted to share as a hello since i am new here

 click on the pic for a link

and hey, if this isn't ok, please let me know in the comments and then i will limit myself to blah blah comments and no linking. thanks


ps - i just realized that i can't link to the cartoon without an ad running before it, sorry. it's only a few seconds long, but the film is cute


Thu, Aug. 18th, 2005, 06:43 pm
docjen: Support Our Troops

A campaign:

Faded Ribbons for Peace.

Please feel free to comment & leave feedback - Thanks!

(X Posted - trying to spread the word grass-root like)

Fri, Jul. 15th, 2005, 08:53 pm
scotchgodiva: (no subject)

COURSE: The Battle Over the Courts: What's at Stake?
Young People For Announces Online Course for College Students on the Court Battle

With Supreme Court Justice O'Connor's announced retirement, the process to appoint her successor will dominate the news in the coming months. With Justice O'Connor's role providing the swing vote on critical 5-4 decisions regarding privacy, reproductive rights, affirmative action, government neutrality toward religion, and more, her replacement will have a profound impact on the direction of American law and society.

In this 6-week online course in our Progressive Online Academy we will examine the substance of what's at stake in detail and hear from activists on the political front lines. Return to campus in the fall energized and informed to fight back against the right wing echo chamber on your campus.

Tentative Schedule - week of …
July 25: Right Wing Nominees: Who are They and What do They Believe?
August 1: The Environment
August 8: Reproductive Rights
August 15: Civil Rights
August 22: Civil Liberties and Free Speech
August 29: Workers Rights and Corporate Power

The class will involve a few short readings distributed over email each week, online discussion, and a 1-hour weekly class conference call held from 4 – 5 PM EST each Thursday. To apply, send your NAME, SCHOOL, YEAR, and a short statement of interest to rgoodspeed@pfaw.org by July 20. The course is open to current undergraduates in 2-year or 4-year degree programs.

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