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Escape is just the beginning.
27th-Mar-2008 05:05 pm - Shocking PB News
LP: Ned blue
I can't wait to see how this is going to work...

From Watch With Kristin: Casting news and spoilerish info for season 4.Collapse )
12th-Nov-2007 04:51 pm - PB on Kristen's new Vine show
LP: Ned blue
The text reveals a spoiler about tonight's episode. If you saw the previews for tonight then it's not super spoilery, but I am warning you first in case you want the episode be a mystery. :)
There are also mentions of happening in past season 3 episodes and some spoilers from Heroes and the Office in the video.

Read more...Collapse )
26th-Oct-2006 08:48 am - From E's Kristin
What’s with that Website they keep talking about on Prison Break? Is it real?

It is europeangoldfinch.net, and yes, it is a bona fide Website. Chickity-check it! And by the way, I caught up with Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies twice this week—once at a Fox party and once while they were rendezvousing at a hotel (yeee!), so stay tuned for that exclusive.
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