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Escape is just the beginning.
22nd-Sep-2006 08:47 am - could that really be what that is?
PB - michael & sara
i don't know if this is old news, but i had never seen it here...

speculation, but i guess it's spoiler-ishCollapse )
LP: Ned blue
From Just JaredCollapse )

I don't know about this... how is a "normal" person like Sara supposed to decode Michael's thoughts?
16th-Apr-2006 12:41 pm - Theory :o)
I swear, somebody really needs to make a PB theories community. Or else I might evenually end up making one, and I already MOD a comm, and I tell you, I'd bad at it. :oP (kidding..ish)

Anyways, I've realized something..
6th-Apr-2006 10:09 pm - *shifty eyes*
Sarah reading
I have a theory. It's a spoiler theory, but it may be completely untrue.

Here is my wild thory...Collapse )
28th-Mar-2006 11:29 pm - Prison Break escape theory
Dean Layout
Last night I watched Prison Break to find out what was going to happen to Lincoln? Would he really...

Last night's eppy, my thoughts and theory for how their newest problem will be solved.Collapse )
16th-Oct-2005 07:18 am - ideas
I really am guessing when I say this, but after watching yesterday's special on prisonbreak, I think Wentworth Miller may be written as a tragic hero. (tragic hero's always die in the end) It is clear that he is a hero and the way the story is written by never allowing a pattern to take without an instant twist, I could see them ending him as a tragic character. The thing that makes me doubt that theory is,  the tragic hero story is an old story line.

Also, I think the lady behind the phone is the first lady.

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