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Escape is just the beginning.
8th-Oct-2005 10:49 am - Wentworth in Star
nicki: close up
I just got my issue this morning and my mom pointed it out to me (which caused me to squeel like no other).
Since I love being nice to you all I decided to type this article up also.

The star of Prison Break talks about dancing with Mariah Carey, cutting the line at Starbucks, and those crazy tattoos!Collapse )
6th-Oct-2005 09:37 am(no subject)
♠ Ended up at her place.

There's an interview in the STAR magazine with Jennifer Love Hewitt , and they asked about Wentworth .. I thought you guys would like too see what she said.

Q: In the first episode, prison break's Wentworth Miller guest stars , is he as sexy as he looks?

A: he played a dead guy , and as soon as he walked in the trailer, i was like "Now how do i get to kiss the [dead] soldier?" [laughs] He's an old-fashioned 1940s Clark Gable type , a movie-star gentleman. He was just a joy.I wish he could have been a regular on the show.


i typed in exactly like it say's in the magazine.

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