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Escape is just the beginning.
1st-Sep-2008 09:15 am - Spoilers for the season premiere!
LP: Ned blue
I posted this in my journal, but figured it made more sense to post them here, too. :)

Spoilers: Vague and indirect, just the way I like them.

SPOILERS for Scylla, part one of PB's season openerCollapse )
14th-Jul-2008 05:56 pm - More of PB at Press Tour
LP: Ned blue
TCA press tour: ‘Prison Break’ing news
Some s4 spoilersCollapse )
6th-Mar-2007 07:19 am - "Panama" Spoilers
LP: Ned blue
For the upcoming 2.20 episode.
Spoilers!Collapse )
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