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Escape is just the beginning.
kitten burger
I posted this on youtube and my LJ yesterday, and was encouraged to... spread the crack.

So... it was brotherly love. That became a secret. Once again, the touching story of a relationship that must never be. Features Michael/Lincoln, Lincoln/Veronica, Michael/Sara, state-enforced Character Death, and suicide. Can be downloaded here.

15th-Nov-2005 11:57 am - Wrong times a million!!!!
So I have three pictures...but it's one picture.
and It took a longlong time.

Waring for Micheal and T-bagCollapse )

Thanks for all of the comments on past art,I've really appreciated them!
19th-Oct-2005 09:34 pm - x-posted
A little story I wrote about Seth's thoughts. Set after Riots, Drills and The Devil Pt. 2.

Title: Cherry Flavoured
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: Seth/T-bag
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied slashiness

Cherry FlavouredCollapse )
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