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Escape is just the beginning.
9th-Oct-2008 07:13 pm - Full Season for Season Four?
save ferris by spark-thesun
From Ask Ausiello:

Question: Do you have any information regarding Prison Break's future? Is there any hope of getting all 22 episodes this season? -- Adry

Ausiello: Well, there is now. Not so much two weeks ago, when Fox told producer Twentieth Television that they only needed 16 episodes this season instead of the originally-agreed-upon 22. (Quick sidebar: Ironic that the network would make such a request this season when the show's actually good. Where were they last season when it sucked!) Anyway, Twentieth's response to Fox went something like this: "You asked for 22, you're getting 22!" So, to answer your question, Adry, yes, there will be 22 Prison Breaks this season.

My comment?

1st-Sep-2008 09:15 am - Spoilers for the season premiere!
LP: Ned blue
I posted this in my journal, but figured it made more sense to post them here, too. :)

Spoilers: Vague and indirect, just the way I like them.

SPOILERS for Scylla, part one of PB's season openerCollapse )
15th-Aug-2008 02:21 pm - EW's First Look at PB
Random: Stick it
We all know this by now, but I'll cut it anyway for possible spoilers.
From the new season...Collapse )
14th-Jul-2008 05:56 pm - More of PB at Press Tour
LP: Ned blue
TCA press tour: ‘Prison Break’ing news
Some s4 spoilersCollapse )
Snoopy Christmas
For those who've been keeping an ear to the tracks, Fox's fall plan didn't shake out exactly as expected. Perhaps waylaid by CBS' decision to program Wednesday's 8 o'clock hour with comedies, Fox has opted to counterprogram with Bones. Leading out of House on Tuesdays at 9 is Lost creator J.J. Abrams' much-anticipated Fringe.

On Monday, Terminator and Prison Break have swapped places, with Sarah Connor now opening the night. Wednesday's 9 o'clock hour features 'Til Death and the new comedy Do Not Disturb (née The Inn). Thursday's reality twofer now features Moment of Truth and Kitchen Nightmares, with 5th Grader and Lyrics airing Friday.

Prison Break, Fringe and Bones each will return with two-hour episodes, airing Aug. 25, 26 and 27 (respectively).

Sunday maintains the status quo, with the new animated series Sit Down, Shut Up and The Cleveland Show

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, as expected, won't open until midseason. 24, Idol and Hell's Kitchen all return in January. — premiering in spring '09.MWM

27th-Mar-2008 05:05 pm - Shocking PB News
LP: Ned blue
I can't wait to see how this is going to work...

From Watch With Kristin: Casting news and spoilerish info for season 4.Collapse )
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