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Escape is just the beginning.
7th-Dec-2005 03:29 pm - Screencap Recap! Episode 1x08
Screencap Recap! for Episode 1x08

Link takes you to PrisonBreak-Online. I'm slowly but surely getting caught up with these. :) Enjoy!
6th-Nov-2005 10:00 am - Screencap Recap! Episode 1x03
I was hoping to be caught up by tomorrow's episode, but yeah. Not happening. LOL I'm glad you're all enjoying these because they're fun to make!

Screencap Recap! Episode 1x03Collapse )
3rd-Nov-2005 09:46 pm - Screencap Recaps! Episode 1x01
Well, you guys asked for it. So I'm starting at the first episode and will work my way up to the present.

Screencap Recap! Episode 1x01Collapse )
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