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Escape is just the beginning.
15th-Nov-2006 06:10 pm - *Fox: No Hiatus for Prison Break*
LP: Ned blue
Looks like the boys will be back in January.
So confused...Collapse )
18th-Oct-2006 07:32 am - Don't forget!
LP: Ned blue
Fox broadcasting doesn't want viewers to forget there is life after Major League Baseball.

FX, the network's cable partner, will air a marathon of the new season's episodes of Prison Break, beginning at 11 a.m. Saturday. This means viewers will see more running than will be featured on the base paths during the World Series. Prison Break returns following the series.

16th-Oct-2006 11:32 pm - Game Rainout
The NLCS game is rained out, but according to fox.com, two episodes of "House" will air tonight so no PB after all.
5th-Oct-2006 09:21 am - PB Repeats

All-new episodes of Prison Break return MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 8/7c! But if you've been locked up, don't worry! We have encore episodes!

10/09/06 - Ep. 206 "Subdivision"
10/16/06 - Ep. 207 "Buried"

If baseball games are needed, these episodes will be preempted. Go Mets!
18th-Oct-2005 02:32 pm(no subject)
This link tells you what times the last 7 episodes are being played on the FX Network next this Sunday.

On FOX, 'The Old Head' (Episode #8), which is the episode going to be aired the 24th @ 9pm, is going to be repeated @ 8pm before 'Tweener' (Episode #9) @ 9pm on the 31st.
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