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Escape is just the beginning.
28th-Sep-2007 12:43 pm - Michael and Sara...
Rated: PG-15 *rolls eyes*
Original size: 16 x 23
( click hEre )

26th-Aug-2007 10:13 am - Fanart
Captain Swan in the snow
Prison break fanart, Michael Scofield, Sara Tancredi. Work Safe for once.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

16th-Jul-2007 07:29 pm - The Pretty...

If you're not a big fan of my big headed PB crew maybe a huge body with a small head will work just fine lol. I think it looks like a 10 year old Michael though... hmmm.. maybe it's just me : ) Enjoy *hugs* 

( click here )



If you are a huge Michael and Sara fan... click one of the icons, if not *shrugs shoulders* maybe one day you will be!!! LOL kidding. Just skip this if you're not fond of them : ( but I will be delighted if you are ; D

28th-Jun-2007 02:45 pm - SWC caricature...

Hi all. My name is Maybelle and this will be my first post around here. This is just a digital painting I did last night. Nothing fancy... just a fanart : )


14th-Apr-2007 03:37 pm - PB fanart
Captain Swan in the snow
Little bit of fanart to keep myself occupied during hiatus (137 days to go!) Warning, some nudity.

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Crosses to Bear
17th-Jun-2006 11:00 pm - Fanart
Hi All! Thanks for the comments on my last drawings.
Even though Wentworth is by far the hardest man Ive ever attempted to draw, I felt I had to keep trying because I drew one of Sara and she was meant to be one half of a pair (of course).

The Good DoctorCollapse )

Im working from a very poor printout so this is the closest likeness I can get to him. Ill have to buy a magazine when I see a PB article for the high res and try again I think, I wont rest until I'm happy with it though this will do for now.

Fish (fixed version)Collapse )

These are both about the actual size you see here, maybe a bit smaller.
12th-Jun-2006 10:13 am(no subject)
Hi All! I thought I'd share a few little bits of fan art (xposted to my journal)

These are of Dr Tancredi, Ive tried drawing Michael 4 times, as I wanted a matching set. No. That aint gonna happen. I drew them but they arent Wentworth. He is by far the most difficult man Ive ever tried to draw. He has unusual facial features whereby if it isnt right, it looks nothing like him. Or maybe he's just too pretty for paper.
Anyway, these are little 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch ACEOS

OptimismCollapse )

The Good DoctorCollapse )

I might try to draw another character but not sure who yet. Might draw Link but Haywire might be fun!
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