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Escape is just the beginning.
18th-Sep-2007 07:28 am - Orientacion recap and review
LP: Ned blue
From TVFodder ... spoilers from last night's episodeCollapse )

And don't forget the AmEx preview! Use Fat Joe and 800-528-4800 to get it. (thanks for the reminder, quarkz!!) :o)
5th-Mar-2007 03:06 am - 2x18 recap/review.
Tea:Solution to life
This is VERY late.  But I made a picture recap of episode 18.  It's very long and image heavy. Also loads of swearing.

(We have to post an image if we're linking to an image, right? That's the same for a recap?...i'll post anyway, just to be sure)

"Since he's about to risk his life and all, his hot lady love loves jumps him and has her wicked way with him right there on the table while Lincoln looks on.....oh no, wait.  No, no.  That's too much of a coupley kinda thing for M/S, y'know, all that bodily contact.  Instead she just does this...."

rest here
6th-Feb-2007 05:21 pm - The Rules of Amtraktion
LP: Ned blue
On ''Prison Break,'' Sara and Michael have a private moment on a train; meanwhile, Haywire and C-Note get in trouble
Recap of last night ep ... with spoilersCollapse )
10th-Jan-2007 12:46 pm - Season 2 Recap Download
r/k - back
Feel free to delete if this is against community rules but since I've heard a few people missed out on the recap, I found a download link. Warning: Spoilers may ensue.

behind the cutCollapse )

LP: Ned blue
Photos and stuff.

Also, there's a link to a John Doe preview there too. Enjoy!
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