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Calling all artists


I have a request. See, I'm hoping to make a Prison Break t-shirt using an iron-on transfer and I was wondering if someone could help me with the design. I have an idea, but I'm no good at blending and being all artistic so I was hoping someone could make me a nice one. It would also work good for a wallpaper too. So if you're up for a challenge, look behind the cut.

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Also, if anyone has any different ideas or has a different view of how it should be put together feel free to post it. Thank you!

Prison Break t-shirts!!

There is some serious artistic talent in these LJ Prison Break Communities. You all know who you are. :)

I thought of a great idea. It just depends on what all of YOU think. I know of a place that we can get cheap screen printing done, I’ve worked with them before, they’re fast and do a great job. If we get 50 shirts, we can each get one for about 6 bucks (black shirt with white and one other color). It totals up to be about $10 per shirt including shipping, and of course there’s a shipping discount on multiple shirts. If we get more than 50 shirts, prices go down.

First off, I want to hold a contest (seeing how my artistic ability is seriously lacking) for all of you to submit entries, and then we’ll all vote and pick the cutest design for the shirt, and winner receives a free tee!
In order for this to happen, I have to find out how many people would be interested in this. I don’t want to end up with a box of 49 Prison Break t-shirts. And since we’ll all be voting on it, it will be sure to be a cute design!

Entries would have to be one, two or three colors. It cannot be a photograph, since we're using screen printing. It could text and/or a graphic that has anything to do with Prison Break or any of the characters.

If this DOES happen, I’ll set up something to display the entries, voting on the best design, and to place orders. For now I just need to find out if this is something worth doing!

Please comment on if you would be willing to:
1) Submit an entry
2) Quantity of shirts you would be interested in (Do you have friends that enjoy PB also? Great gift idea!)
3) Is this a bad idea? Why?

Thanks guys, you’re the best! :) Happy Veteran's day!